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Bodegas Torres commitment to Cuba

HAVANA, Oct. 15th Born from the dream of young Catalan Jaime Torres, who arrived in Cuba seeking fortune in 1855, Bodegas Torres, which he founded with his brothers in Vila Franca del Penedés,

Printmaking and the “State of the Art”

HAVANA, Oct. 5th Our recent chat with curator Cristina Vives about the increased international interest in Belkis Ayón reminded us of the important role that printmaking has played in contemporary Cuban art since the 1980s.

Venezuela flooding Cuba with stranded oil

HAVANA, Oct. 3th At least three Venezuelan fuel tankers are heading towards Cuba today, part of a flotilla meant to free up domestic storage space while defying a US campaign to cut off Venezuela’s oil supply to Cuba.

What are the UN and International Law any good for?

HAVANA, Oct. 2th  (Elio Delgado Legon) I’ve asked myself this question many a time and I can’t seem to find the answer. The UN General Assembly, which is made up of 193 Member States, can’t form binding agreements or force its members to comply with them.