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Incentives Tourism Event Opens in Havana

HAVANA, Sep 18th (PL) The 22nd edition of Meetings and Incentive Travel Market of the Americas (MITM Americas) opened on Tuesday in Havana as an additional opportunity for Cuban tourism, in the sector of travel to congresses, meetings and incentives.

The Way We Drink Coffee in Cuba

HAVANA, sept. 16th (By Richard Potts)   I have bared witness to this unique ritual ever since I was a child, when I used to go out with my uncle and my father, normally on our Sunday walks from our family home in Central Havana to Galiano Street,

Two films present five Cuban spies as heroes

HAVANA, sept. 15th The story of the five Cuban spies who spent years in U.S. prisons is headed to the big screen – twice. Canada’s Pictou Twist Pictures and Picture Plant have joined the Cuban Institute for the Cinema Art and Industry (ICAIC) to film “Los Cinco” (The Five).

Animal protection in Cuba: an urgent need

HAVANA, sept 14th  Within the approaches made by the population in the debates of the Constitution Project of  Cuba, we have heard more than one of the participants advocate for a law for the protection of animals,

Cuban Experts Insist No Proof Exists of Attack on Diplomats

HAVANA, sept 14th (AP) As American authorities search for answers into mysterious “health attacks” that began two years ago in Havana, U.S. and Cuban officials were renewing efforts to determine the method and motive behind incidents that have left some diplomats with brain injuries.

Japanese pop culture fans gather at a festival in Havana

HAVANA, Sept. 10th Insularity is the only common feature that Cuba and Japan seem to share, a distance that does not discourage the hundreds of Cuban “otakus”, Japanese manga and anime fans, gathered last weekend in Havana to celebrate the culture of a Exotic country who dream of

Une des plus belles avenues de Cuba

HAVANA, Sept. 8 (Xinhua)   Each year Saharan Dust moves westward, causing health problems among Cuba’s allergy and asthma sufferers, but also hindering Atlantic hurricanes, according to Cuba’s Institute of Meteorology (Insmet).

Sale of houses in Cuba is a million business

HAVANA, 6 sept. A two-story, six-bedroom house in Santa Fe, a coastal area west of Havana, sells for $ 1.5 million. Another house “capitalist luxury of the 50s in the best area of ​​Miramar”, another exclusive neighborhood of the capital, is

In Cuba, condom use stretches far beyond sex

HAVANA, Sept. 5th (Reuters) – Cubans use them to fish, ferment wine, fix punctures or tie up hair; latex condoms have become the ultimate multipurpose tool on the island where shortages of basic goods have forced locals to become masters of invention.