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Travel to Cuba with Classic Journeys

HAVANA, June 21th On June 4, 2019, the Trump Administration announced further restrictions on travel to Cuba, immediately halting cruise ship arrivals and some other forms of travel. Edward Piegza, founder of Classic Journeys, explains the latest rules.

Cuban artist creates drawings underwater

HAVANA, June 19th (Reuters) Sandor Gonzalez, 42, says there is no better place to sketch and paint than several metres below the surface of the sea, surrounded by iridescent Caribbean fish and fantastic coral forms.

Airlines will wait and see in Cuba

HAVANA, June 7th The new restrictions imposed by the Trump administration this week on travel from the U.S. to Cuba could end up compelling airlines to recalibrate service to the island.

A Call to End Tobacco and Rum Advertising in Cuba

HAVANA, June 7th (IPS Cuba)  Cuban author and journalist Hugo Luis Sanchez just made a request to Cuba’s health authorities, calling on them to back the approval of a law which would ban all publicity that encourages the consumption of cigarettes and alcoholic drinks, a growing trend among the country’s youth.

Havana Hosts 10th International Design Congress

HAVANA, June 4th (PL) More than 14 renowned speakers worldwide will talk about the impact, culture, sustainability, history and design training, on occasion of the 10th International Design Congress in Havana, FORMA 2019, starting in Havana on Tuesday.

Cuba Presents Femicide Statistics for the First Time

HAVANA, june 3th (HT)  After decades denying that femicides take place in Cuba (a tragic reality which we have been systematically denouncing on Alas Tensas, as it is one of the reasons we write our magazine), the Cuban government has finally acknowledged this great scourge.