Concern over continued deportations of Cubans from Russia

Concern over continued deportations of Cubans from Russia

HAVANA, May 2  Russia continues with massive raids against illegal immigrants and several Cubans who, supposedly, have traveled for shopping tourism have already been involved.In fact, this week, about 10 Cubans were detained in Kazan, in a raid where authorities have already established specific places for captures such as construction sites, markets and large logistics centers.

According to several Russian media, these citizens, despite trying to explain that they were tourists and had gone to the market, were detained and charges of expulsion were also filed against them in Russian courts.

In this sense, the Sovetsky District Court of Kazan decided to expel these tourists from Cuba, alleging that they were illegally carrying out work activities for foreign citizens in Russia.

Likewise, protocols were lifted for violation of stay rules and illegal work activities.

Police reports indicate that they were in a perfumery warehouse moving shipments at the time of the arrest. They had only been in Russia for three weeks and were complying with the 90-day permit, yet they did not believe their testimony, since they were detained in a warehouse and not in a product sales area.

Russia, as we know, does not require a 90-day visa for Cuban citizens, which is why some choose this country for the so-called “mule” business.