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US Blockade against Cuba Came into Effect 57 years Ago

HAVANA, Feb 8 (PL ) The United States” economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba celebrates today 57 years of its official enaction repudiating the international community that considers this policy anachronistic and a violation of human rights.

The books call for a great party in Havana

HAVANA, Feb. 7 The most important cultural event in Cuba: the Book Fair, today begins its journey from the Fort of San Carlos de la Cabaña, east of Havana, where in the afternoon the opening ceremony will take place and open to the public from tomorrow.

Meteorite that Hit Cuba Had the Energy of 1,400 Tons of TNT

HAVANA, Feb. 6th (PL) The meteorite that hit Cuba last Friday in the western province of Pinar del Rio released an energy equivalent to 1,400 tons of TNT, NASA reported on Tuesday According to the new data published by NASA, the collision was powerful, as its energy was similar to that amount of explosive.

Meteorite impacts near Vinales in western Cuba

HAVANA, Feb. 1th A meteor has rocked the skies of western Cuba, exploding mid-air, shattering windows and raining charred meteorite rocks on people’s homes. Before its spectacular demise, the space rock was seen flying above Florida.

Colombia’s ELN rebel leaders say they will not leave Cuba

 HAVANA, Jan. 31th (Reuters) – Leaders from Colombia’s ELN rebel group said on Thursday they would not leave Cuba, once the site of peace talks with the Colombian government, unless Colombia’s president complies with conditions agreed to by his predecessor for their return home

Cubans inaugurate first new Catholic church in decades

HAVANA, Jan. 27th (AP) The first new Roman Catholic church to be completed in Cuba since the country’s 1959 socialist revolution was inaugurated with the aid of a Florida congregation Saturday, in a ceremony that observers called a hopeful sign amid international tensions.

Cuba aims to boost high-end tourism with luxury Hotels

HAVANA, Jan. 25th  (Xinhua)  Havana’s skyline is gradually looking glitzier as luxury hotels rise above the cobblestone streets of the capital. In the past year and a half, the island’s first two luxury hotels, considered five-star-plus, have opened in the city’s historical downtown area, known as Havana Vieja, or Old Havana.