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Charles hits Havana’s road in vintage MG

HAVANA, March 26th (AP) The Prince of Wales got behind the wheel of a classic British car as he embraced Cuba’s love of vintage motoring. With the Duchess of Cornwall sitting beside him, the heir to the throne drove a black MG TD from 1953 to a rally in Havana featuring other lovingly restored vehicles […]

Prince Charles meets Cuban president in Havana

HAVANA (Reuters) – Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, met with Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Monday during the first official British royal visit to the Caribbean island, even as Britain’s top ally, the United States, seeks to isolate Cuba’s  government.

Cuba and DR Work on Caribbean Disaster Response

HAVANA, March 21th (IPS)  The binational “Ponte Alerta Caribe” (Get ready Caribbean) project, completed its plan of action last Friday in the Cuban capital after over a year of hard work, set out to strengthen collaborative efforts and to draw up more effective regional strategies to reduce risks in the event of natural disasters in […]

Solo Female Travel in Cuba: All You Need to Know!

HAVANA, March 20th Is it safe to travel solo as a female in Cuba? It’s a question that crops up a lot, and we’re not really sure why! Away from the headline grabbing war of words between the government in Cuba and the United States – which has lasted since the presidency of John F […]

4G SIM cards fly off the shelves in Cuba

HAVANA, March 20th Internet-enabled mobile phone cards are selling out in Havana, according to 14ymedio, independent Cuban news site. Telecom operator Etecsa started offering 4G SIM cards this month to around 10,000 customers in Havana, after the island’s new 3G network became quickly saturated, according to Mexican newspaper La Jornada.

Cubans Frustrated Over US Move to End 5-year Visitor Visas

HAVANA , March 19th (Reuters) The Trump administration’s move to end five-year visitor visas for Cubans has left residents of the island angry and frustrated that it will be even harder to see their relatives, shop, or undertake cultural and academic exchanges in the United States.

Black Market Chemotherapy and Animal Sacrifices in Havana

The endless job saving dogs and cats on the streets of Havana HAVANA, March 18th  It’s 9 pm and I am on the street, pacing up and down, holding a dog.  His name will be Percy but neither of us know it yet.  He’s gravely sick with distemper virus and in a comatose state, mucous […]

Yuli,a portrait of Carlos Acosta and Cuba is a dance film like no other

HAVANA, March 18th Dance on film can have many functions. It might act as a showstopping decoration to the drama (most movie musicals), a shorthand for its protagonist’s obsession or madness (Black Swan, The Red Shoes) or a blunt tool for illustrating cultural difference (Step Up, Save the Last Dance and every other ballet-girl-meets-hip-hop-boy movie).


Las fotos antiguas que resisten la ola de modernidad en La Habana

HAVANA, March 16 (Xinhua) — Visitors to Havana’s Old Quarter would have some fun memorabilia of their “travel back in time” as they pose before a vintage box camera manufactured more than 100 years ago. While the rise of cellphones and selfies has made street photography fairly obsolete, Cuban brothers Jose and Yomar Del Toro […]

Cuba puts hope on China tourism to attract business

HAVANA, March 16th (CGTN) Cuba expects to surpass five million tourists this year including about 50,000 visitors from China. While the number is small compared to other countries, officials say they are pushing for more Chinese vacationers to the Caribbean island.


Blondie will perform spectacular show in Havana

HAVANA, March 15th  Blondie is a band that revolutionized the world of punk rock with their bizarre performances, but above all by the unmatched charisma of the vocalist, Deborah Harry since the late 70’s with hits like Heart of Glass or Call Me. On March 14 and 18, this iconic band will perform at the […]

La Herradura 1 wind power farm in Cuba advances

HAVANA, March 13th  The bases for the installation of wind turbines of the most powerful wind farm complex in Cuba, began to be built in La Herradura, in the north of Las Tunas, where some components of the wind energy generation technology are already close to the site.