Cuba tests Wi-Fi connection on its national trains

Cuba tests Wi-Fi connection on its national trains

HAVANA, May 11  The Wi-Fi connection tests that will be offered, very soon, by the national trains in Cuba have already begun. The Comprehensive Telecommunications Solutions Company S.A.(Solintel)  is in charge of executing this project, novel for the reality of the Island.

Solintel revealed that the so-called field tests have begun. This way they will be able to check the quality of the signal in each area of the country as the train makes its journey.

The company develops the project in the R+D+I line, accompanied by students and experts from the “José Antonio Hecheverría” Higher Polytechnic Institute (CUJAE). The idea is that the Internet signal remains stable during the journey along the lines throughout the country, from west to east.

Test announced

This project had already been announced last year. Solintel itself revealed, then, that this would be part of the “computerization process of society.” Initially, the tests were planned for the third quarter of 2023. However, it is now that the conditions are in place to carry out the evaluation tasks.

Engineer Robelis Lambert Matos, president of Solintel, commented on the subject a year ago. “The Wifi service will offer a qualitative leap to rail transport, as well as a new standard of comfort.”

According to the executive, the reference for the installation of this service on Cuban trains has its precedent in the Varadero catamaran fleet. “Passengers will be able to send and receive email messages with attachments.

Likewise, they will have access to the corporate intranet and can browse the web, chat online with access to social networks and applications,” said Lambert Matos.

One of the project leaders pointed out that “the necessary equipment to allow connectivity remained to be defined. “Studies will be carried out on the 4G LTE network and mobile telephone infrastructure on the central line of the railway.”