HAVANA, June 5th  (Reuters)  The Trump administration has ordered Marriott International to wind down hotel operations in  Cuba, Read more

HAVANA, June 4th When a special flight to Havana took off from Sheremetyevo Airport on June 3, a months-long nightmare ended for some Cubans in Russia. Read more

HAVANA , June 4th (Reuters)  The Trump administration expanded on Wednesday its list of Cuban entities that Americans are banned from doing business Read more

HAVANA, June 4th Yesterday, COVID-19 left 15 infections on the island, although there were no deaths and four days have gone by without reports of fatalities. Read more

HAVANA, June 3th (IPSCuba) A development project seeks to encourage cultural creation processes and to rescue the architectural heritage of the Hershey sugar refinery, Read more

HAVANA, June 3th  At the far eastern end of Cuba, almost 900 kilometres from Havana, is a country town slumbering on the coast between a wide horseshoe bay and the tangled forests at its back. Read more

HAVANA, June 2 (Xinhua)  Each Sunday, Cuban tenor Andres Sanchez goes out onto his balcony on the ninth floor of an apartment building in Havana’s Vedado district and belts out a song. Read more

HAVANA , June 2th (Reuters) – Nelson Aguilar used to sell the rabbits that he raises on his Havana rooftop to restaurants. Read more

HAVANA, June 1th Alex, 28, rides his bike all over a neighborhood in Havana delivering el paquete. Read more

HAVANA, June 1th The drug Itolizumab, which Cuba has reported as a potential treatment to avoid Covid-19 deaths, may be India’s next bet against the coronavirus. Read more

HAVANA, May 31th More than a million Cubans have connected to the Internet through the 4G network of the Cuban Telecommunications Enterprise S.A., Read more

HAVANA, May 30th The 2020 hurricane season has only just about kicked off and we’ve already had our first tropical storm in the Northern Atlantic. Read more

HAVANA, May 29th The Cuban government is assessing strategies for an eventual return to normality after the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on the island, Prensa Latina news agency reported this Wednesday. Read more

HAVANA, May 28th (PL) American renowned writer Ernest Hemingway took part for the first time 70 years ago in a marlin fishing tournament in Cuba, an event remembered by many here.

Read more

HAVANA, May 28th (Reuters) The United States will impose a cap on charter flights to Cuba at 3,600 per year, Read more

HAVANA, May 27th The Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) issued a resolution that allows the island’s non-residents to open bank accounts in U.S. dollars, Read more

HAVANA, May 26th Instagram it is without a doubt the social network more used and effective for artists, Read more

HAVANA, May 25th (Reuters) – A skeleton reaches up from the ground to clutch at a fantastical winged creature. Read more

HAVANA, May 23th    (By Vicente Morin Aguado) At his 86 years of age, Carmelo Mesa-Lago speaks loud and clear, he is far removed from any “ism”, Read more

HAVANA, May 23th  (Reuters)  Cuba said this week that use of two drugs produced by its biotech industry that reduce hyper-inflammation Read more

HAVANA, May 22th  (PL) Cuban health authorities insisted today on the availability and usefulness of the digital self-investigation Read more

HAVANA, May 22th Cuba has asked the Paris Club of major creditors for a delay in repaying its debt until 2022, Read more

HAVANA, May 22th It is dedicated to Pope Saint John Paul II, whose visit to Cuba in 1998 marked a “before and after” moment in the situation of the Catholic Church in this Caribbean nation. Read more

 HAVANA, May 22  Today two repatriation flights will be made for Cuban citizens stranded in the United States Read more

HAVANA, May 20th Brazil has rehired 157 Cuban doctors to help fight a surge in coronavirus cases, Read more

HAVANA,  May 19th  China and Cuba on Tuesday, May 12 accelerated a project that will create the first joint biotechnological park to research, Read more

HAVANA, May 19th (HT) Supplies, customers, service contracts lost; mobility and connection problems; prices of raw materials and transport going up; Read more

HAVANA, May 18th   Almost 300 Spaniards who were stranded in Cuba, part of the tourists, return this Sunday on what could be the last flight from Havana to Madrid Read more