HAVANA, Jan. 22nd. Cuba’s energy system has the potential to generate around 1,100 MW of electricity by harnessing wind power. Read more

HAVANA, Jan 22  Latin America and the Caribbean are not anyone’s backyard or front yard, Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez, Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 22nd  For decades, Cubans heard Fidel Castro speak about plans, creations and projects: from the super cow Ubre Blanca to chocolate milk, Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 22th    The year 2021 was a growth year for Cuba’s crypto ecosystem. The development of payment gateways and online stores, Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 22nd  National Center for Animal Health (CENASA). Ministry of Agriculture (Minogue) Updated List Food Animal origin for human consumption, Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 21st. As an island in the Caribbean, Cuba is especially exposed to global warming, but it has a 100-year plan to deal with it, explains documentary  Cuba’s Life Task: Confronting Climate Change Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 20th The CIA has concluded that U.S. diplomats suffering mysterious headaches and nausea in what has been dubbed “Havana Syndrome” Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 19th Cuba presented this Monday to Spanish businesspeople a tourism portfolio that includes growth projections for 2030, Read more

HAVANA, Jan 18 (EFE)  Cuba’s location in the Caribbean Sea makes it especially vulnerable to the impacts of global warming, Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 18th (AFP)  Cubans are no strangers to queuing for everything from bread to toothpaste, Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 18th The Russian Presidency stressed this Monday that any decision on the possible installation of military bases in Cuba and Venezuela Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 18th NTPC Ltd, India’s largest integrated energy producer, has invited bids from developers to build the Solar PV park in   Cuba. Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 17th Icelandair is known for connecting North America and Europe through its home country of Iceland. Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 17 (ACN) By 2030, Cuba aspires to increase its hotel capacity to 95,000 rooms and exceed six million visitors, it said today Juan Carlos Garcia Grande Cuban Tourism Minister. Read more

HAVANA, Jan 15 (PL)  Despite the impact of Covid-19, today there is growing attention among travellers who come to Cuba, to nature and adventure tourism on the island, in particular its Ramsar sites. Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 15th Carnival Corp., Royal Caribbean Group, MSC Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings in a joint hearing this week put forward their motion for summary judgment in a 77-page omnibus presentation. Read more

HAVANA,   Jan 14 (Reuters)   Young Cuban protesters from Havana’s poorest neighbourhoods face decades behind bars at upcoming trials, relatives and rights groups said, Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 14th Females of the mosquito species Aedes aegypti are carriers of dengue. Sterile insect technique campaigns, like that being carried out in Havana, Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 14th (Reuters)   Venezuela has ramped up shipments of gasoline and food to Cuba since November, providing key supplies Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 14th At the peak of its tourist season, the small island nation of Cuba has decided to tighten entry requirements for visitors, Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 14th   “No coffee has come in.” The clerk at the ration store on E Street between 23rd and 21st, in Havana’s El Vedado district, Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 13th Efe Agency President Gabriela Cañas said the multimedia news agency was mulling pulling out of Cuba after its journalists reported Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 13th  A senior Russian diplomat says that a Russian military deployment to Cuba and Venezuela can’t be excluded if tensions with the United States mount. Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 12th The most important jazz cultural event in Cuba confirmed that this year’s edition will be in a mixed format, both virtual and in-person, Read more

HAVANA, Jan 11 (Reuters) – The Central American Bank for Economic Integration said it would give Cuba a loan of 46.7 million euros ($53.1 million) Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 11th After NATO refused to negotiate future expansion plans with Russia, it became known that Moscow could conduct active negotiations on the deployment of missile weapons in Cuba and Venezuela. Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 11th  (AFP) Cubans are no strangers to queuing for everything from bread to toothpaste, often standing for hours under a blazing sun Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 10th Cuba says its so-called ‘hotel hospitals’ have been phased out, with an eye to offering more comfort to those testing positive for COVID-19 while visiting the island. Read more

HAVANA, Jan .10th  2022 is already experiencing its first days after an extremely difficult 2021 throughout the world and, in particular, in Cuba. Read more