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HAVANA, March 25th  After 20 days fighting a respiratory condition, he died yesterday in Havana at the age of 73

Cuban filmmaker Juan Padrón, creator of the character of Elpidio Valdés and his legendary adventures; of the Vampires in Havana, and of many other animated cartoons that are an inseparable part of the sentimental history of the majority of Cubans alive today, passed away in Havana at the age of 73.

For about 20 days he had been fighting a respiratory condition and had been in a serious condition.

His son, filmmaker Ian Padrón, confirmed the news and appreciated the care his father received.

“‘The last of the mambí independence fighters’ battled for 20 days and leaves us full of love and tranquillity. We thank all the doctors, friends and admirers who during these days have shown their love and admiration for this great artist who is already part of Cuba and Cuba’s independence struggles.”

Juan Padrón was one of the most loved filmmakers by Cubans since he released Elpidio Valdés, the most endearing animated cartoon for Cubans, which is part of the history of television and cinema on the island.

Born on January 29, 1947, in Matanzas, he directed other films well-remembered by Cubans such as Vampires in Havana!, More Vampires in Havana, and Quinoscopio.

His daughter, psychologist Xilvia Padrón Durán, also dedicated a heartfelt tribute to her father, with whom she always had a very special relationship. She accompanied her text with a photo of when she was small together with Juan.

“The world is a worse place without him but I take with me thousands of anecdotes and many laughs. Having this dad, as grand as a human being, is one of life’s greatest luck. I will live to honour his work and keep it alive,” Xilvia wrote on her Facebook profile.


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