HAVANA, Apr. 14th. The Panorama Hotel in Havana – currently in the process of renovation – will be operated by the company Archipelago International, Read more

HAVANA, Apr 14 Cuban animal activists carried out a pilgrimage this Sunday for Dog Day in Havana, three days after the complaint against six people Read more

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HAVANA, Apr 13. The Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI) of Cuba spoke out this Friday about the killing of dogs carried out by a group
of people with the aim of selling the meat and promising maximum rigor, in a Facebook post.

“During today, a despicable act against animal welfare has been published through social networks, which occurred in the municipality of San José de las Lajas, Mayabeque province; when unscrupulous people, attacking all Health and Welfare regulations Animal, violating the ethical and moral principles of our society; they have carried out dog slaughter in that territory,” the ministry stated.

This Thursday, activist Yenney Caballero announced on the same social network that animal defenders had denounced six people for killing the community’s dogs and selling their meat as if it were mutton.

Until that moment, three men had been arrested and the remaining defendants were still on the street, according to the activist’s publication.

MINAGRI said it “strongly” repudiates the incident and stated that it was carrying out “the corresponding investigations” through the National Center for Animal Health (CENASA).

Likewise, he assured that “the administrative, disciplinary and contraventional sanctions that correspond to this type of incident will be applied with the utmost rigor, in accordance with the provisions of the Animal Welfare Policy and current legal regulations.”

However, the Animal Welfare Decree Law only provides for fines of between 1,500 and up to 4,000 pesos for those who mistreat, start fights or cause the death of any animal.

Cuban animal activists have criticized this rule, approved in February 2021, because it does not guarantee real protection of animals.

On the other hand, they have pointed out that the authorities only apply the decree law in high-profile cases.

“It is a tool that is put into practice when there are high-profile cases, which cause the reporting machinery to be put into motion, and the authorities are forced to act,” said activist Javier Larrea, founder of Animal Welfare Cuba (BAC). ) in 2022.

The most severe sanctions that the alleged perpetrators of the dog slaughter could face would be related to the sale of the meat and the violation of health regulations.

Many Cubans buy meat in the informal market, risking being deceived or consuming a product that does not meet health standards, due to the high sales prices in formal establishments.

In Cuba, it is not unusual that, in situations of chronic food shortages like the current one, people sell or eat (consciously) meat from animals whose consumption is unusual on the Island.

The animal that Cubans have most frequently turned to in times of crisis is the cat.

In March, the NGO Cuban Food Monitor, a program to monitor and report food insecurity on the island, reported that the sale of cat meat was becoming an underhanded business in some neighborhoods of Cuba, as well as an alternative to the harsh humanitarian crisis that the country’s inhabitants are experiencing.

In 2023, BAC reported a man who hunted domestic and wild animals, allegedly to eat them.

In 2022, Cuban animal activists residing in Ciego de Ávila warned about dog sacrifices in the territory, after the discovery of the remains of a dog that had been cooked.

“We don’t know if it was to be consumed or perhaps to be sold as part of some food; it was cooked, because when you touch the bones you know, and from the marks it is deduced that it was stripped of its skin, tied by its front legs,” he denounced in his profile  Facebook Adrianela Guerra Monteagudo, who shared photos of the discovery.


HAVANA, Apr 12. Three men allegedly detained this Thursday in San José de las Lajas, Mayabeque province, and three other people still on the street have been Read more

HAVANA, Apr 12. This Thursday the absolute maximum temperature record for Cuba was broken. At 3 in the afternoon a value of 40.1 degrees Celsius was recorded at the Jucarito meteorological station in the province of Granma.

The marked influence of high pressure, strong solar radiation, little cloud cover and weak winds led to this record, for the station, the province and the country, which exceeds the previous value of 39.2 °C in that station. , which dated April 11, 2020.


In addition, it also exceeds the absolute maximum temperature record for Cuba, which had been reported at the Veguitas station in that same province and was 39.7 °C, on April 12, 2020, considered to date, the highest temperature value reported by a weather station in Cuba.


HAVANA, Apr 11. A helicopter of the Armed Forces (FAR) crashed in the early hours of this Thursday in Santiago de Cuba. Read more

HAVANA, April 10 “Havana lives in me” is the slogan that will accompany all the celebrations and communication actions for the 505th anniversary of the founding of the Villa de San Cristóbal of Havana, in November of this year. Read more

HAVANA, Apr. 10th. A new batch of 20 electric tricycles is practically ready to begin providing public passenger transportation services in the country. Read more

HAVANA, Apr.10th.A spill in Cárdenas Bay, Matanzas, has mobilized forces and specialists to control it and study its possible environmental damage. Read more

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HAVANA, Apr 9. The second edition of Europe Month in Cuba will begin today and will last until May 9, in the cities of Havana, Cienfuegos, Holguín, Santiago de Cuba Read more

HAVANA, Apr.9th. Purchases made by Cuba in the US amounted to more than 27 million dollars (USD) in the month of February, showing an increase of 27% compared to the same period in 2023. Read more

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HAVANA, Apr. 8 The girls of the Cuban national soccer team recently paused training for two hours at the Pedro Marrero stadium to participate in a workshop Read more

HAVANA, Apr. 8 This Monday, April 8, a total solar eclipse will occur whose umbra (darkest part of the Moon’s shadow that is projected on Earth) will pass through Mexico,
United States and Canada. In Cuba it will be visible as a partial eclipse, the Institute of Geophysics and Astronomy (IGA) of Cuba has reported.

According to the IGA, for those observing from Havana, the beginning of the eclipse will occur at approximately 1:40 p.m., the maximum point will be at 2:53 p.m., and the end at 4:05 p.m. The coverage of the solar disk will reach 42.3%.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun, completely or partially blocking sunlight. The celestial phenomenon is possible when the Sun and the Moon are aligned from the Earth’s perspective. It causes darkness in broad daylight for a few minutes, leaving only a ring of sunlight visible around the lunar silhouette.

In national territory, the greatest coverage of the Sun (43.9%) will be observed from Cabo de San Antonio, Pinar del Río, at 2:46 p.m.

In his account at X the Institute of Geophysics and Astronomy, he invited those interested to open observation at its headquarters, at Calle 212 e/29 y 31, La Coronela, La Lisa.

Solar eclipse this Monday afternoon: Some details and how to observe safely

On its Facebook wall, the IGA made the following recommendations:

It is important to know that you cannot observe an eclipse without adequately protecting your eyesight, as the intensity of sunlight will be high enough to cause serious and irreversible burns to the retina.

The safest protection is obtained with optical filters designed for this purpose. Homemade filters, such as smoked glass, black nylon, or colored films can be very dangerous and should never be used because although they attenuate visible light, some allow dangerous ultraviolet radiation to pass through.

The most appropriate and safest thing for a good solar observation will be to never look directly at the Sun. If we have a small telescope or even a simple piece of cardboard with a tiny hole, we can project the image of the Sun on a white screen and observe the solar disk indirectly.


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HAVANA, Apr 5  A report from the state weekly Sierra Maestra confirmed an increase in violent events so far in 2024 in the province of Santiago de Cuba, according to data provided by the territory’s Prosecutor’s Office. Read more

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