HAVANA, May 15th Nearly a year after unprecedented demonstrations in Cuba, the power in place has just had a penal code approved which favors the repression of demonstrators and opponents. Read more

HAVANA, May 15th The National Institute of Social Security (INASS) is carrying out a centralized process of granting pensions, in a quick way, Read more

HAVANA, May 14th Cuban rescue forces rescued the eve two pet animals alive from the rubble, victims of the explosion that occurred at the Saratoga hotel in this capital last Friday. Read more

HAVANA, May 14th  (Reuters) Cuba´s ailing economy has begun to recover in some sectors after two years of pandemic-induced contraction Read more

HAVANA, May 14th Cuba’s health authorities on Saturday acknowledged difficulties in the manufacture of medicines on the island, causing major shortages, Read more

HAVANA, May 14  Cuba has once again extended the non-commercial import of foodstuffs, personal and household products and medicines by passengers as accompanying luggage and free of customs duties. Read more

HAVANA, May 14 (EFE) Thousands of people gathered on Friday for a vigil in Havana in memory of the victims of a deadly explosion at a Cuban hotel that left 46 dead and nearly 100 injured. Read more

HAVANA, May 13th Cuba on Thursday announced 42 hours of mourning for the 45 people killed in an explosion at a hotel in Havana last week. Read more

HAVANA, May 12th  Esperanza Castillero, was appointed as the new head of the Center for National Intelligence (CNI) in Spain. Read more

HAVANA, May 11th Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said on Tuesday that he is prepared to boycott the upcoming Summit of the Americas Read more

HAVANA, May 11  The International Corporation Habanos S.A., informed that it broke all sales records of Premium cigars by earning 568 million dollars in 2021 for that concept Read more

HAVANA, May 11th   “Going, Going, Gone:  The Grandeur of Golden-Age Cubais a whimsical meander through a century and a half of Cuban history Read more

HAVANA, May 10th The General Customs of the Republic (AGR) inaugurated in Havana a modern office for real-time operational communication between Read more

HAVANA, May 10th  30 decommissioned buses, originally used by the Brussels transport network STIB, are to be donated to the government of Cuba, confirmed to The Brussels Times by a STIB representative. Read more

HAVANA, May 10th  (Reuters) -Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Monday lavished praise on Cuba’s leader, reiterated his wish for the Caribbean island Read more

HAVANA, May 10th   At least eight members of the Entrevoces chamber choir, belonging to the National Choir of Cuba, stayed in Spain, where they were touring Tenerife. Read more

HAVANA, May 9 (Reuters) – Cuban rescue workers combed through vast piles of rubble from the Hotel Saratoga in the early hours of Monday, Read more

HAVANA, May 9tyh  Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called on Sunday (May 8) for an end to US sanctions against Cuba as he concluded a migration-themed tour of Central America and the Caribbean. Read more

HAVANA, may 8th    Crews worked through a second night searching for victims of a hotel explosion that killed at least 27 people in Cuba’s capital and left more than a dozen missing amid the rubble. Read more

HAVANA, 8 may  In the aftermath of Friday’s explosion at the Saratoga Hotel in Havana, which left some 22 people dead and dozens injured, several countries are expressing solidarity with the government of Cuba. Read more

HAVANA, may 7th The Hotel Saratoga in Havana was destroyed this Friday after a powerful explosion that left at least 22 dead and more than 50 injured, Read more

HAVANA, May 7th (AP)   Rescuers in Cuba’s capital searched Saturday to find survivors of an explosion that killed at least 25 people and devastated a luxury hotel that once hosted dignitaries and celebrities, including Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Read more

HAVANA, May 7th   Talking about veganism and vegetarianism as diets in Cuba includes different aspects. During these times of shortages, Read more

HAVANA, May 6th  A powerful explosion apparently caused by a gas leak killed at least 18 people, including a pregnant woman and a child, Read more

HAVANA, May 6th Police and fire rescuers are combing through rubble for survivors after an explosion late Friday morning destroyed a hotel in Havana, Cuba, killing at least four people. Read more

HAVANA, May 6th Prime Minister John Briceno in his capacity as the Pro-temp chairman of CARICOM told Love News that the region is seriously considering boycotting the Summit of the Americas.
Read more

HAVANA, May 6 (EFE) – The French government on Thursday delivered to Cuba 18 tons of medical equipment and supplies worth more than $1.6 million to fight the epidemic in health institutions. Read more

HAVANA, May 6th  Canadian Blue Diamond resort chain, with 21 hotels in Cuba, we will manage Exclusive all polo Tourist from South Key LargoNear the island of youth, from the height of the winter season 2022-2023. Read more

HAVANA, May 4  The Cuban Airport and Airport Services Company ( ECASA ) updated on its official channels the flight schedule of various airlines that connect Cuba from the Dominican Republic. Read more