Final point for the lawsuit over two Meliá hotels in Cuba

Final point for the lawsuit over two Meliá hotels in Cuba

HAVANA, May 7th. The Provincial Court of the Balearic Islands has rejected the appeal filed by the American company Central Santa Lucía, L.C., confirming the order issued in January 2023 by the Court of First Instance number 24, which “already declared the lack of jurisdiction of the courts Spanish” to learn about the procedure against Meliá Hotels International, the Republic of Cuba and the Cuban company Gaviota, S.A.


At that time, the proceedings were dismissed, and the Court filed for the second time the lawsuit filed by the Cuban Sánchez Hill family against Meliá Hotels International and its Cuban partner, the state company Gaviota, for the operation of two hotels in Cuba.

The first time the lawsuit was filed was in September 2019, and on all occasions the reason has been the same: the court’s lack of jurisdiction.

And now, the Provincial Court has expressly ordered Central Santa Lucía, L.C. to pay costs. In a statement released this Tuesday by the hotel company based in Mallorca, it is clarified that no appeal can be filed against the order issued by the Balearic Provincial Court.

Melia, who has been defended by the Garrigues law firm, has expressed her “satisfaction with the forcefulness of the judicial resolution.”

It should be noted that this procedure derives from the claim by this company against Meliá for alleged compensation for businesses in Cuba that according to the plaintiff would involve the illicit use of properties that are defined in the Helms-Burton law as “confiscated”, arguments that have not been judicial support was found in none of the instances explored by the plaintiff.