Putin receives Miguel Díaz-Canel in the Kremlin

Putin receives Miguel Díaz-Canel in the Kremlin

 HAVANA, May 9th   In the context of the working visit made by the President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel to Russia, he was received today at the Grand Kremlin Palace by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.The meeting took place after the participation of the Cuban head of state in the military parade in Moscow’s Red Square on the occasion of the 79th anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany.

Once the military parade was over, Díaz-Canel placed flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, in front of the Kremlin wall, to honor the memory of those who fell in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), along with the leaders of other nine nations.

During the meeting, the president of the Caribbean nation delivered a message to the Russian president sent by the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Army General Raúl Castro, and stated that the visit to the Russian Federation always constitutes satisfaction and a moment of learning.

For his part, President Putin welcomed his Cuban counterpart and thanked him for his presence at the parade for the 79th anniversary of Victory Day.


He also wanted to highlight that Cuban patriots took part in the Great Patriotic War and fought on the front, defended Leningrad in the most difficult places, and that is always remembered and respected.

Putin stressed that relations with Cuba have always been based on feelings of friendship and mutual respect.

“We will always support the Cuban people and we are against the attempts by the United States to restrict the development of Cuba, to harm it economically through sanctions and restrictions, but the Cuban people for decades have fought against them and feel strong. ”, concluded the Russian president.