Putin will visit Cuba in 2024

Putin will visit Cuba in 2024

HAVANA, December 23. Havana awaits the visit of the Russian ruler Vladimir Putin in 2024, according to what Cuba’s highest representative in Moscow said on Thursday,during the colloquium “Favorable business conditions for Russian companies in Cuba.”

The official trip of the Russian president would circumvent the arrest warrant issued in March 2023 by the International Criminal Court, which considered him responsible for war crimes committed since he launched his large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The visit would correspond to the one made by the Cuban ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel to Russia in November 2022, as explained by the Cuban ambassador to Russia, Julio Antonio Garmendía Peña, during the event that is part of the “Russia” International Exhibition and Forum. , which will be held from November to April 2024 in the emblematic VDNJ exhibition pavilion.

A series of agreements, high-level visits and international pronouncements demonstrate that relations between both countries have been strengthened after Havana’s resolute support for Putin’s war plans.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said that during this year the number of direct flights between the two countries was considerably increased and that it is expected that “by the end of the year there will be about thirteen flights per week.”

Russia and Cuba resumed direct scheduled air service as of July 1.

The Cuban ambassador stated at the event that Havana and Moscow strengthen their financial and banking relations and gave as an example the use in Cuba of the Russian “Mir” cards, with the expectation that it will boost tourism from that country to the island (Russia occupies third place on the list of tourists visiting Cuba) and connects the two economies.

According to Russia’s first deputy prime minister, Andrei Belousov, these cards, which are currently accepted in 10 countries, “are an important part of the settlement system.”

The Cuban diplomat spoke to the Russian agency TASS about the creation of new companies with Russian capital that seek to expand the current export potential and increase the income of the Cuban budget.

As an example of this Russian-Cuban collaboration, he gave the repair two Cubana de Aviación planes and Russian locomotives, the assembly of Ural trucks on the island and the Gazel minibusses.

In October of this year, Havana and Moscow signed an agreement that ensures economic, commercial and scientific-technical cooperation for the next seven years, in sectors such as the extraction and processing of mineral resources, sugar cane production, tourism and Solar energy.

The Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, has also mentioned existing and future cooperation projects “in the military and military-technical field” and has stated that “Cuba has been and continues to be Russia’s most important ally in the region.”