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Where to Stay Eat and Drink in Havana

HAVANA, Aug. 19th Romantic yet cynical, simultaneously gritty and glamorous, Jurassic but oddly zeitgeist, Havana constantly delivers contradictions and curveballs in a layered identity that endlessly fascinates travelers.

Why Cuban Dollar Stores Sell Imported Vegetables ?

HAVANA, Aug. 12th   Cuba’s hard-currency stores are well-stocked with imported goods, as much as they can get, something obvious to any regular reader of the official press. In an article entitled “Broken Links in the Chain,” the state-run newspaper Granma asks why Cuban farm products are not being sold in these establishments. It is […]

Matanzas oil fire all but out, blackouts and gas lines lengthen

HAVANA, Aug 12 (Reuters) – Cubans have been left to endure six- to 18-hour blackouts, and search for ever-scarcer gasoline in the wake of a spectacular blaze that destroyed 40% of Cuba’s main fuel depot and shuttered its only supertanker port. The fire began on Friday when lightning struck a storage tank, spreading to three […]