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Cuba taps into high-end luxury tourist market

HAVANA, March 11th Cuba used to depend on aid from its oil-rich ally Venezuela. But with Venezuela in turmoil, opening luxury hotels is “a new stage,” but also “a necessity,” Cuba’s Tourism Minister says as his country scrambles for other revenue sources.

Germany-Cuba Scientific Symposium opens in Havana

HAVANA Mar 7th The First Symposium of the Max Planck Society of Germany and Cuba, Frontiers of Science, will contribute to promoting reciprocal scientific knowledge, said Aurora Fernández González, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, at the opening of the meeting on Wednesday.

Havana World Music Festival March 21-23

HABANA, March 6th  (HT) The Havana World Music Festival in its sixth edition is set be held in Havana on March 21-23. For this year the festival program includes 20 new bands from a dozen nations under the Primera Base category.  Groups of the most diverse musical genres with excellent quality but mostly little known.

Three Filmmakers Win the 2019 National Film Prize

HAVANA, March 6 (PL ) Producer Miguel Mendoza, the director of photography Livio Delgado, and the sound engineer Jeronimo Labrada, will receive here the National Cinema Prize 2019, announced the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (Icaic).

Top 10 restaurants in Havana, according to TripAdvisor

HAVANA, March 5 TripAdvisor, the popular US website dedicated to publishing travel related content reviews, has cataloged the ten best Cuban restaurants in the capital, based on the comments and evaluations provided by the visitors to the Island. A rigorous selection system of 858 gastronomic sites in Havana, the portal managed to make a ranking […]

“It is better to avoid fat people”

HAVANA, March 2th Havana’s Taxi driver Miguel Ernesto, who travels from Santiago de Las Vegas to Centro Habana, does not hide to comment on obesity in Cuba: “It’s better to avoid fat people, I know about the routes they’re charging for, but I do not want to take them down, I’m down in the street, […]

Seventh Edition of Dancing Festival in Havana

HAVANA, Mar 1 (PL) Cuban and Swedish dance companies Danza Teatro Retazos and Memory Wax are immerse today in the preparations for the seventh edition of the Transitos Habana Festival, which will take place in this capital city from March 18 to 23.

Cuba to Welcome UK Highnesses

HAVANA, Mar 1th (PL) Cuba will receive with warm hospitality the Highnesses Prince of Wales and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez reiterated on the occasion of the visit that will take place from March 24 to 27.

Survey Describes Physical Abuse Women Endure in Cuba

HAVANA, Feb. 27th (IPS Cuba) Slaps, beatings, being pushed, hair pulled or having objects being thrown with the intention of causing pain, are all displays of the physical violence that many women describe in their relationships, according to the recently released National Gender Equality Survey (ENIG-2016).


Key West – Havana, first submarine cable

HAVANA, Feb. 26th  At the peak of communications, few think of Samuel Morse and his great contribution to the development of humanity. The world aspires to move to the rhythm of satellite communication, but almost no one remembers that the first network of networks survives under the sea.

Cuba’s tobacco growers confront climate change

HAVANA, Feb. 24th (CNN) Looking at the plain, one-story wooden shacks that dot the countryside in Cuba’s vuelta abajo region, one would never guess that the farmers here grow one of the island’s most valuable natural resources: cigar tobacco.