HAVANA, September 21th  Spaniards Ana Maria Linares Romero, 43, and her daughter Alba, 6, were reported missing by the police in Spain at the beginning of the month. The trail was lost on September 5 when they took a plane from the Canary Islands, where they reside, and landed in Madrid.

As of that moment, they did not contact their family again. The woman’s brother, Pablo Linares, spread the word through social networks, he asked for help from everyone and he papered the country with photos of both.

Tying heads, a caretaker of the missing girl and a co-worker of her mother, they concluded that both could have flown to Havana because Ana María Linares had talked about a vacation in Cuba “with a new friend who had”.

This is how the police found mother and daughter and found, as published by the Spanish newspaper ABC, that they had been caught by a supposed “sect” in Cuba.

“It was not a vacation. My sister was manipulated by a toxic person with the aim of taking money, “says the brother, who also says that the alleged friend of Ana Maria made him consume substances with deceits and promises of Cuban medicine and Santeria rites.

Mother and daughters had traveled to Havana supposedly deceived by a Cuban woman who promised them miracles of witchcraft, taking advantage of the fact that the Spaniard Ana María Linares was going through a moment of weakness and in order to extract money from her, insists Pablo Linares, brother and uncle of the disappeared, in an interview with Canal Sur.

Finally, the family of Ana María Linares filed a complaint in Cuba, the Spanish Consulate intervened in Havana and mother and daughter are back in Spain, safe and sound.

The Cuban who deceived them is in prison and the Cuban prosecutor who is handling the case has told the Spaniard’s brother that the accused already has sentences of around 20 years of sentence. “And in Cuba, you know, the sentences are fulfilled,” says Pablo Linares.

The alert for the disappearance of mother and daughter has already been deactivated. The girl is with her father and Ana Maria, with her family, who will denounce what happened also in Spain.