Santeria’s animal cruelty must stop

havana-live-santeria1HAVANA, August 12th  Aniplant were contacted a few weeks ago from a resident of Havana who witnessed animal torture in a neighborhood Santeria ritual. Santeria is a faith that blends West African religious customs with Caribbean tradition and Roman Catholicism. Sadly, animal sacrifices are often part of it.

The e:mail came with five horrific photos of headless cats and dogs crucified to the trunk of a Ceiba tree. The witness was fearful to report this and asked to remain anonymous. We alerted Nora Garcia at Aniplant and she condemned the abuse of innocent companion animals on Cuban TV and radio. She tells us that many people have visited the area to mourn the animals and draw attention to the cruelty of these practices. Traditions and rituals can be hard to change.

But we must try. For the animals, we must try.

We are gathering Cuban minister names and addresses for an upcoming letter-writing campaign. Please write to if you’d like to participate. You can find aniplant on Face book  for more information on how to help.