Top 10 restaurants in Havana, according to TripAdvisor

Top 10 restaurants in Havana, according to TripAdvisor

HAVANA, March 5 TripAdvisor, the popular US website dedicated to publishing travel related content reviews, has cataloged the ten best Cuban restaurants in the capital, based on the comments and evaluations provided by the visitors to the Island.

A rigorous selection system of 858 gastronomic sites in Havana, the portal managed to make a ranking of the  best ones.

1. Crêpería Oasis Nelva
La Crêpería (cubanization of the French word crêpèrie), located in the capital zone of Esquina Muralla -Habana Vieja-, offers an ecological environment focused on vegan and healthy food. The specialty of the house are “sweet and salty crepes, lemonades and natural juices”, according to the site. For two consecutive years, the store opened in 2013, has received the certificate of excellence issued by TripAdvisor. Oasis Nelva crêpes is a “gourmet a la cubano” proposal. Users in the review portal have described the restaurant as one of “the best experiences in Old Havana” .

2. More Havana
This restaurant, the second in the list, is located on Calle Habana, in the historic center of the capital. The restaurant explores everything related to Caribbean, Latin, Spanish and Cuban food in a bohemian atmosphere, with vintage decoration. According to what they declare on their official Facebook page, all “culinary proposals are made based on 100 percent natural products”. In addition, being a reference site for the tasting of Cuban and international cocktails.

3. Mía Paladar
House Mía Paladar ,built in Vedado just 2 kilometers from the Malecón was an old family residence that was transformed into a luxury restaurant with a beautiful view of the sea. The specialty of the “house”, according to the Excelencias Guide, is the Lobster a la Piña. However, other gastronomic proposals are offered, both international and national and fusion. An important tip is that if the clients are celebrating their birthday, the place guarantees the celebration dessert, totally free of charge.

4. Jibaro’s
This restaurant, with a score of 5 out of 5, in Old Havana combines “local and international”, “traditional with modern”, as well as “cheap and cheerful”. Jibaro’s presents visitors with dishes with style, without becoming “pretentious”. With a price range that moves between 3 and 7 CUC has been described by users as an “excellent place to share as a couple or as a family”. It has also stood out for the variety and exquisiteness of its analog cocktails. “The mocktails are the maximum. Especially the Green Tonic, super refreshing for the hot nights of Havana, “wrote a visitor on the website.

5. Paladar 5 Senses
The palate, in the Old Square of the historic center, is a place that bets “for a purely Cuban cuisine”. Since June 11, the restaurant brought out a section of “mysterious” elaborations, based on the creation of unorthodox and revolutionary dishes and cocktails that mix of typical ingredients of the country with nuances of universal cuisine.

6. Habana 61
The restaurant -bar, located a few steps from the Plaza de la Catedral, has been deserving, likewise, for three consecutive years (from 2016 to 2018) of the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence. The modern-style establishment contrasts with the sound and facade of the colonial Old Havana. In what could be classified as “a different environment”, Habana 61 proposes the enjoyment of traditional Cuban cuisine, seasoned with contemporary ideas. The menu stands out for its dishes of “author’s design” .

7. Chacón 162
A tapas bar and restaurant, winner of the certificate of excellence last year, located on the street with the same name, offers visitors options of Caribbean, Latin, Cuban and even Central American cuisine. With outdoor space in one of the cobbled streets of Old Havana, customers can enjoy delicious lunches, dinners and brunches. In addition to a menu without gluten and remaining special diets, for those who require it.

8. Mojito Mojito
This site in Old Havana, whose goal is to recreate dishes that are simple, rustic and traditional of the national cuisine, boast of offering the “best Mojito of the whole Island”. A restaurant whose halls pay tribute to Cuban dance and rhythms. “It was satisfaction at first sight and with their dishes so well decorated I thought it was just beauty, but under that beauty of dishes there was a well-made flavor, you have to ask for your protagonist dish, the Puerco en clay, and his famous mojitos, of course, “said a user on TripAdvisor.

9. San Ignacio 214
This bar-restaurant is located in a privileged environment, being in one of the most significant streets of Havana, which connects places with high historical value such as the Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza Vieja, Alameda de Paula. With prices that fluctuate between 8 and 14 CUC, diners can stock up on good Cuban and international cuisine, made with fresh products.

10. The Cafe
The Café is perhaps the only one of all the sites on the list, completely specialized in the sale of coffees, breakfasts and light meals. The cafeteria-restaurant, located on Calle Amargura in Old Havana, works with fresh seasonal ingredients, so it offers an interesting variety of sandwiches made with artisanal bread.
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