The lack of cash in Cuba also affects the payment of salaries and pensions

La falta de efectivo en Cuba también afecta el pago de los salarios y pensiones

HAVANA, Apr. 4th. Meeting in a session of the Council of Ministers of Cuba, it was recognized that in various sectors of the country’s economy, non-payment to workers and pensioners is increasing, due, basically, to the lack of cash.

The general secretary of the Central Workers of Cuba (CTC), Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, spoke about the “growth that non-payment to workers is already having in various sectors of the economy, which constitutes dissatisfaction within the groups of workers.”

Likewise, he commented on the losses of more than 300 companies, and among them, there is a significant number of workers who see their economic benefits and the possibility of improving income limited.

This is due to the lack of control and inefficient management of the administrations of state companies, says the CTC spokesperson.

“Wherever there is a financial problem, it must be discussed, proposals made and solutions sought before the date on which salaries must be paid,” highlighted Manuel Marrero Cruz, Cuban Prime Minister.

In fact, Deivy Pérez Martín, first secretary of the PCC in Sancti Spíritus, emphasized the insufficient collection of cash due to problems related to the application of banking in the said province.

A local radio station stated that 77% of economic actors have open tax accounts, but the majority do not activate them or do not use them, which triggers low levels of cash deposits in banks and little availability in ATMs.

The general crisis suffered by the people of Cuba, with unchecked inflation, forces purchasing power to plummet. And it is unjustifiable that the government fails to pay workers after a month of work, and much more so that it leaves Cuban pensioners financially helpless.