In the absence of trucks, Santiago de Cuba will use private transporters to distribute the basic basket

In the absence of trucks, Santiago de Cuba will use private transporters to distribute the basic basket

HAVANA, Apr 4. In the midst of a deep transportation crisis and also with delays in deliveries of the monthly basic basket, the authorities of Santiago de Cubalooking for an alliance with the private transport sector.

According to Beatriz Johnson Urrutia, first secretary of the communist party in the province, initially state transportation will be used to distribute salt, rice, milk and sugar in the province, but private transporters will also be used “who are in a position to do so.”

In statements to Tele Turquino, the official explained that this alternative for the delivery of the basic basket will be done without trauma and with the support of everyone.

This assurance, as well as compliance with water supply cycles and energy stability, are vital to alleviate the complex situation that the province is experiencing, Johnson Urrutia said in her speech.


Returning to the issue of the basic basket, she recognized that the need to quickly release some products from the quota in order to meet delivery times put the distribution chain in a bind, which has already seen its capacity exceeded.

“Join us,” the official asked, addressing the people, and among them the private transporters to join the initiative.

In the interview, she did not reveal if this loading and transportation service will be remunerated in any way, or if the fuel necessary to carry out the task will be delivered. It was also not specified what types of vehicles would be admitted for management.

It is known that in addition to the products initially mentioned, private transporters will be in charge of transporting the bread that arrives at the warehouses daily.

The alternative comes a few weeks after the protests that began in Santiago de Cuba and spread to Bayamo, Matanzas and other provinces. In them, people asked for “food and electricity,” among other things.