Sierra de la Gran Piedra declared Cuba’s second geopark

Sierra de la Gran Piedra declared Cuba's second geopark

HAVANA, April 27   The area of the Sierra de la Gran Piedra, the Heights of Santa María de Loreto and part of the Coastal Terraces of Mar Verde-Baconao was declared the second National Geopark of CubaThe site is located in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba and its name responds to the fact that agroforestry activities, soil and water management are carried out in these places, and they have their respective management programs, according to the national policies approved for such. effects.

Activities such as the exploration of caves that do not have public access are also planned, with the presence of speleology specialists authorized by competent entities and with the necessary basic equipment, reported the Granma newspaper.

Sierra de la Gran Piedra declared Cuba's second geopark

In that case, entry to the caves without guide service is carried out only by identified members of the Speleological Society of Cuba, duly authorized speleofauna researchers and heritage specialists, establishes the resolution published in the Official Gazette on the appointment of the new Cuban geopark.

It was also revealed that the Eastern Center for Ecosystems and Biodiversity (Bioeco) will serve as the managing and protective agency of the Geopark, along with other entities in the southeastern region.

This is due to the need to manage, conserve and use such a significant area in a sustainable manner, in connection with the other aspects of the tangible and cultural heritage existing there.

In 2021, the Viñales Valley, in Pinar del Río, was declared the first Geopark in Cuba, which set precedents for declaring as such natural sites of high geological value, attractive for tourism and whose conservation and management are carried out under environmental and sustainable development precepts.