Two dead as a result of massive accident in Madruga

Two dead as a result of massive accident in Madruga

HAVANA, Apr 29. The Cuban state press reports at this time about a massive accident that caused the loss of life of two people and several injuries.According to Telemayabeque, two deaths and several injuries is the preliminary balance of a mass transit accident reported this Monday morning from Madruga, Mayabeque.

“The preliminary balance of the event is two deaths, four people with injuries that indicate remission and several accident victims with minor injuries,” they noted on Facebook.

According to the information provided, the accident occurred after the impact between a bus that was transporting workers from the Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Plant and a truck from the Madruga loading base.

It took place near the Aguacate cemetery, those affected were treated first at the Dionisio Sáenz Polyclinic in that town, and then at the Leopoldito Martínez Provincial Hospital, according to the report.

Some users have asked that the information be rectified, claiming that it concerns “the workers of the Emce Este Habana and the CTE Ernesto Guevara of Santa Cruz del Norte.”


Official data indicate that 2023 was the year with the lowest number of accidents and injuries in Cuba –8,556 and 5,938, respectively: However, the number of deaths (729) increased compared to 2022.

From the Specialized Traffic Body, of the General Directorate of the National Revolutionary Police, they recognized to the official press that “the state of the roads and the incorporation into circulation of more than 400,000 mopeds complicate road safety.”

Likewise, it was reported that “not paying due attention to vehicle control and not respecting the right of way generated 60% of accidents, 48% of deaths and 66% of injuries.”

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Another data provided is that 70% of the accidents occurred in urban areas, mainly between 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., mainly on Saturdays.