Mandatory form to travel to Cuba in 2024: guide to complete it step by step

Mandatory form to travel to Cuba in 2024: guide to complete it step by step

HAVANA, Apr 10. Are you planning a trip to Cuba and wondering if you still need to complete the D’Viajeros form? The answer is yes.Although the global health crisis has decreased, the Cuban authorities maintain the obligation of this document for all travelers entering the country.

The D’Viajeros form is an essential tool for the Immigration and Immigration authorities, the Cuban Customs and the Ministry of Public Health. Its purpose is to collect information necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of both visitors and residents of the island.

To facilitate your travel experience, here we offer you a step-by-step guide on how to complete the D’Traveller form.

D’Traveller form guide

1. Access the official page of the D’Viajeros form.
2. Start by filling out your personal information, which includes name, date of birth, gender, country of birth, identification document number (for Cuban citizens), country of issue of the travel document, passport number, country of permanent residence, email and phone.
3. Proceed with the immigration information: date of arrival in Cuba, airline, flight number, seat, entry point on the island, country of origin and reason for travel.
4. In the next section, provide the required health information: destination within Cuba, accommodation, address of stay, recently visited countries, recent symptoms, vaccination status or PCR-RT test results, and name of the vaccine administered.
5. Finally, complete the Cuban Customs section, where you must indicate if you are traveling with unaccompanied luggage, if you are accompanying minors and the total amount of foreign currency you are carrying with you.

You must know that you must complete this process at least three days before your flight to Cuba.

For travelers who doubt, here are the experiences of other visitors to Cuba:

“If you can, you print it… you save time.”

“It is mandatory to such an extent that if you don’t show it they won’t let you get on the plane.”

“Yes, they ask for it when you arrive in Cuba. It can be printed or on your mobile phone. It is better to have it printed in case your phone breaks.”

Are you planning to travel to Cuba? Don’t forget the D’Travellers Form! Fill it out with these simple steps.