Polluting spill in the Bay of Cárdenas forces rapid actions

Polluting spill in the Bay of Cárdenas forces rapid actions

HAVANA, Apr.10th.A spill in Cárdenas Bay, Matanzas, has mobilized forces and specialists to control it and study its possible environmental damage.The spill of “a dark-colored substance” occurred this Monday in the Bay of Cardenas, as confirmed on networks by local television station Telebandera.

The spilled liquid is “ballast from a disused tank located on the coast,” according to the report, which did not provide further details about the nature of the substance.

According to the media, after learning of the spill in Cárdenas, authorities, experts and managers from the Port of Matanzas appeared in the area and began work to stop the “residual flow” from the tank.

To do this, work was done on “the earth deposit in the area where the liquid was spilled inside the bucket and thus prevent it from continuing to pour over the water,” the publication states.

In this way, Telebandera adds, this flow was managed to be contained “in a short time.”

In addition, the specialists “took samples of the liquid to investigate it and verify the possible environmental damage it could cause.”

In this regard, users on social networks denounced the polluting effects of the spill – which they attributed to crude oil – on the Cárdenas coast, including the death of snails.

Snails killed by a polluting spill in Cárdenas Bay, according to social media users. Photo: Kiryat Poey’s Facebook profile.

Work in progress

In updates on the control work in the affected area, Telebandera reported that the Community Services Company and other forces were working on “the dumping of soil in the area where the residual ballast was spilled” to prevent its advance and facilitate its removal from the place.

Work was also being done on “the elimination of a section of the bucket in order to create access and carry out earthworks in the area to create a solid structure that allows the safe passage” of a tanker truck in charge of collecting the substance. pollutant.

Until the moment of the most recent report, this Tuesday, only one truck with a capacity of 18,000 liters of the substance had been extracted, the media points out, according to which on Wednesday morning “the work to remove the remaining the substance of the tank.”

Official information has not clarified whether the spill was due to negligence, an accidental failure, or another cause.