Cuban purchases in the US rose to more than 27 million USD in February

Cuban purchases in the US rose to more than 27 million USD in February

HAVANA, Apr.9th. Purchases made by Cuba in the US amounted to more than 27 million dollars (USD) in the month of February, showing an increase of 27% compared to the same period in 2023.The figures, which were released by the US-Cuba Economic and Trade Council, do not distinguish whether the executor of the purchases was only the Cuban government, or whether they include those imported by the private sector on the island, say micro, small or medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).

In the food and agricultural field, the report details, Cuba spent USD 18,346,341 on the purchase of chicken meat, this being the largest acquisition.

In this same sector, the island’s purchases extended to another series of products such as pork, powdered milk and roasted coffee.

In addition, other items such as cane sugar, cigarettes and machines for the manufacture of confectionery products are included.

A breakdown of imported foods details that about 8,832,358 USD were spent on chicken meat (frozen), a total of 6,639,954 USD on chicken hindquarters (frozen), and 2,874 on chicken thighs (frozen). .029 USD.

On the other hand, in pork (frozen) the figure was 707,872 USD; in canned chicken meat paste, $686,474; in milk powder, 651,726 USD; and in fertilized chicken eggs for incubation, about 519,838 USD.

Finally, the report highlights other products such as sweetened milk/cream, for which USD 455,761 was paid; roasted coffee (decaffeinated), $358,934; and sheep offal (frozen), $353,217.

All of these foods are part of the exemptions to the US embargo on food products and medicines made by the US government. In addition to these, the sale of automobiles to Cuba has recently been allowed.

In this case, a category that is on the rise judging by the numbers, more than five million USD were spent in the second month of 2024 between new and used conventional cars, in addition to electric vehicles.

This figure is almost 20% of the total value of imports in the month. To better exemplify it, it would be necessary to say that 4,983,708 USD were spent on new cars, in addition to another 109,500 USD on used vehicles and 21,895 USD on self-propelled electric trucks.

Forklifts and spare parts for heavy machinery for agriculture or construction were also purchased for an amount of more than USD 275,000.

Thanks to this trade flow, Cuba occupies the 46th position as the US export market for agricultural and food products covered under the Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act (TSREEA) of 2000.