The “curious” way of making bricks in Las Tunas

La “curiosa” manera de hacer ladrillos en Las Tunas

HAVANA, Apr. 8 Could this be a way to “creatively resist”? How far can the Cuban go with his inventiveness? An example of this is a brick factoryinstalled in Las Tunas, which uses a mixture: of sawdust, manure and rice husks to make this product.

The Cuban News Agency dared to say that this is a “new era” in the manufacture of bricks, products of the association between the importing and exporting company Agroint and an Argentine businessman.

The factory is located in the municipality of Jobabo, and manages this industry with “ecologically focused technologies.”

The note states that the project will begin with the installation of machines for cutting Caravista bricks. This variety, in fact, manages savings in the use of other materials such as cement.

Detachable ovens are used, “an unprecedented innovation in Cuba that allows production capacity to be significantly increased,” the media declares.

The distinctive feature of these bricks is their ecological composition. The sand is replaced by organic matter, such as charcoal, sawdust, manure and rice husk, among others, say the managers of this factory.

“This mixture makes cooking easier and, in addition, benefits from the local availability of these materials, which reduces costs,” they added.

The removable ovens allow all the elements to be reused once the process is finished, minimizing the consumption of firewood and maximizing the quality and hardness of the final product, concludes Alberto González Hernández, general director of Agroint.