Unusual Cuban Festival to Combine Film, Drinks, and Meals

havana-live--drinkAs an added value to the already increasing spiral of Cuban tourism, the holding in Havana of an unusual festival that aims to combine movies, drinks and meals late this month, was announced today.
The 2nd Gourmet Festival, Flavours of Cuba and the world will be held in the historic district of Old Havana on November 25 to 30, with venue shared between the House of the Benemerit of the Americas Benito Juarez (House of Mexico) and the Lumiere Cinematograph. The director of this event, Alicia Garcia, told Prensa Latina that this (France/Italy), “Fresa y Chocolate” havana-live--cocktail_1(Strawberry and Chocolate) (Cuba), Estomago: una historia gastronómica (Stomach: a gastronomy history) (Brazil/Italy), and “Cocina del Alma” (Soul Kitchen) (Germany). Theoretical sessions will include celebrities and experts, to clear many issues related to film and food.