Havana”s Jojazz Festival Features Young Musicians

MakeThumbnail.aspxYoung musicians from Cuba and El Salvador will perform at the 16th edition of the Jojazz Festival, dedicated this year to flutist Armando Romeo, a pillar of art education in Cuba.
Gisela Vistel, director of the National Center for Popular Music, announced that Jojazz was opening up to new modes of participation, including instruments such as the flute and the oboe. Jazz musicians from different generations, led by havana-live-alexixboschBobby Carcassés and Alexis Bosch, will make up the panel of judges who will evaluate the categories of performance and composition. The Salvadoran ensemble Brujo will compete in this year’s event, which takes place Nov. 14-17 and will feature solo artists and jazz bands. havana-live-Teatro-MellaThe program includes a workshop at the University of the Arts and the launch of the book Jam Sessions by musicologist Carmen Souto. havana-live-zorra_cuervoOther featured bands include Cubadentro, 5 PÁ SÁX, Miguel Ángel de Armas, Alejandro Falcón and Joaquín Betancourt’s Jazz Band.
Venues include Havana’s Mella and Sala Avenida theaters and the La Zorra y el Cuervo jazz club.