Tension with Argentina: Cuba suspends flights to the Albiceleste nation

Tension with Argentina: Cuba suspends flights to the Albiceleste nation

HAVANA, Apr 25. Due to tensions with Argentine companies, Cuba suspended flights from the island that were destined for the Albiceleste nation on April 23 and 24, according to official sources of the Greater Antilles.
According to the official statement from the company Cubana de Aviación, S.A, the cause is the “abrupt refusal of aviation fuel supply companies in the Republic of Argentina, to provide service to the airline Cubana de Aviación, S.A.” and to its flights authorized by the Argentine National Civil Aviation Administration.”

The text, published on social networks, ensures that Argentine companies are protected by the provisions of various United States blockade measures against Cuba. Consequently, “Cubana de Aviación has been forced to cancel flights CU360/CU361 dated April 23 and 24, 2024,” the statement indicates.

On the other hand, the Argentine companies extended the refusal to other airlines contracted by Cubana de Aviación to transport the affected passengers, which prevented the company from fulfilling the commitments made with the clients that it had to transport to Argentina.

Passengers booked on these flights who were in Cuba and who planned to return to Argentina on the 24th will be redistributed on other flights based on the availability of seats that other airlines with air connections from Cuba to Argentina may offer.

Meanwhile, those who have not started their trip may receive a 100 percent air ticket refund. “The actions emanating from the Argentine suppliers are beyond the control of any decision by Cubana de Aviación,” the statement concludes.

It is unusual for foreign gas station firms to deny fuel to Cubana de Aviación, although the provisions of the US embargo contemplate sanctions on companies that trade with Cuban institutions related to the military branch, as well as with part of the Cuban state industrial and business network.

The news comes a little less than a year after the resumption of Cubana de Aviación flights between Havana and Buenos Aires, which took place on May 2, 2023.

So far, the island’s highest authorities have not commented on the incident, nor is it known whether the Havana-Buenos Aires air route is suspended indefinitely.