Why Cubana de Aviación canceled flights on April 23 and 24

Why Cubana canceled flights on April 23 and 24

HAVANA, Apr. 24th. In the afternoon in Argentina today, Tuesday, April 23, Cubana de Aviación published a statement signed by its general director, Arsenio Arocha Elías Moisés, in which they reported on the suspension of services for April 23 and 24.

In the document, the official explains that this cancellation of flights is due to the “abrupt refusal” of aviation fuel supply companies in Argentina to provide service to Cubana de Aviación.

Likewise, they point out that this situation extended to their flights authorized by the Argentine National Civil Aviation Administration. According to what is explained in the statement, the measure was taken “invoking the provisions of the United States blockade measures against Cuba.”


According to what was detailed from Cubana de Aviación, flights CU360, which has a departure time of 10:55 p.m. from Havana to Ezeiza, were canceled; and CU361, which should leave Buenos Aires at 11 in the morning on April 24, towards the capital of Cuba.

In turn, they added: “Likewise, this refusal has been extended to other airlines contracted by Cubana de Aviación, in order to provide due protection and transfer the affected passengers, thereby preventing compliance with the commitments assumed by the airline before these.”

For passengers who had to travel on one of these flights, Cubana explained that those who are on the island and plan to return to Argentina on April 24, “will be protected to the extent that there are seats available that can offer the airlines that have air connections from Cuba to Argentina.”

On the other hand, they reported that passengers who have not started their trip will be able to receive 100% of their air ticket refund. “The actions emanating from the Argentine suppliers are beyond any decision of Cubana de Aviación,” the statement closes.


Many companies in the country had passengers in Cuba when the flight cancellation was announced. Such is the case of Havanatur, which at the close of this note was working to relocate its clients on flights of different airlines, such as Latam, Copa and BOA, depending on the availability of each one.

“It affected us greatly. It seemed to us an arbitrary decision on the part of the fuel suppliers,” said Sergio Siliquini, commercial manager of Havanatur. Likewise, he pointed out that they hope that through the claim it can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Along the same lines, Marcelo Sonenblum, director of Tip Travel Bureau, explained that the situation found them with many passengers leaving Buenos Aires and many others returning, but that they were already able to relocate all clients to other airlines.