Santiago de Cuba reports an increase in cases of violence and other crimes

Santiago de Cuba reports an increase in cases of violence and other crimes

HAVANA, Apr 5  A report from the state weekly Sierra Maestra confirmed an increase in violent events so far in 2024 in the province of Santiago de Cuba, according to data provided by the territory’s Prosecutor’s Office.The head of the Provincial Department of Criminal Procedures, Elizabeth Govea Maceo, assures that although in these cases “injuries predominate and violent deaths do not increase,” the high rate of violent events recorded from January to date is still worrying.

In this sense, she confirmed that the “events in which people’s lives and physical integrity were affected are not the type of violent events that characterize the criminal environment of the territory.”

Despite this information, social networks do report incidents that end in the death of people. Given this, the prosecutor responded that violent deaths “have greater visibility today due to their almost immediate publication on social networks.”

And to this, he added: “It does not imply in all cases that the way in which they socialize on the Internet has happened because after the investigations have been exhausted, it sometimes happens that what was disclosed did not happen that way,” essentially speaking of the manipulation or misrepresentation in these publications by some citizens.

This panorama, of course, has caused uncertainty in the population, where the authorities’ actions are questioned, this source stated.

In this territory, crimes related to livestock, robberies with force in houses or with intimidation of people, as well as thefts related to the theft of phones and wallets on public roads, and robberies have also increased. in warehouses and medical offices.

As if that were not enough, an increase in acts carried out by young people related to drug trafficking and possession is reported, mostly “by young people disengaged from work or study, who meet for activities where confrontations occur.” the prosecutor said.