New gas field ad power generation in Cuba

New gas field ad power generation in Cuba

HAVANA, May 10th  As part of the extension of electric energy capacities in 2023, the exploitation of a new gas field, in the northern strip of Mayabeque province(western Cuba), will increase energy production by about 30 megawatts per hour (MW/h), at the Puerto Escondido plant. According to Energas executives informed Cubadebate that the investment foresees the start-up of another gas well in the coming months.

Eduardo Fernandez, manager of the plant, stated that the field provides around five cubic meters (m³) of naphtha and three liquefied gas per day.

Oniel Tapanes Hernandez, a specialist, pointed out that the Puerto Escondido plant is currently generating around 205 MW, which means an increase of 30 MW compared to the previous generation.

Tapanes Hernandez explained that the gas to be incorporated will be mainly for power generation, but the company will continue with the usual deliveries to the capital.

The use of the new field allows the company to take advantage of resources that were previously untapped, increase electricity generation and maintain a stable load during peak energy consumption hours, he said.

The drilling of the Puerto Escondido 10 well is part of the investments in the area that began in 2000 with the Puerto Escondido 14 well, explained Jose Enrique Alegria Aguila, general manager of the Western Oil Drilling and Extraction Company.

Alegria Aguila commented that in order to carry out the investment, a provisional collection center was built, capable of assuming the new production, and he emphasized that the resources available for the execution of the work were recovered from other installations in the country, as well as others were manufactured by the national industry.