Direct flights between South Korea and Cuba

Direct flights between South Korea and Cuba

HAVANA, May 10th It was finally officially announced this week and has been discussed since last May. Direct connections between South Korea and Cuba via charter flights for the first time. Currently, the island has no direct connection with any country in the Asian region and you always have to stop at a European airport.

According to a report by Prensa Latina, José Luis Leonardo, vice president of the Americas of the Archipelago International hotel chain, guaranteed that the flights will be opened for tourism purposes next December. The Indonesian company was in charge of insisting on opening a priority route for stays at its hotels in Cuba.

Airline operator Air Premia will operate 12 charter flights with one frequency per week. The route will be operated on a Boeing 787-9 aircraft for 330 passengers

Flights from South Korea to Cuba

The Indonesian hotel company noted that travelers to Cuba will stay at two hotels they operate, the Grand Aston La Habana, a five-star facility located near the Havana Malecon, and the Grand Aston Panorama, a four-star establishment. As an overnight option, you can stay at the Grand Aston Varadero, which opens on September 1 this year.

Official Leonardo promised to promote similar projects with direct flights from Japan and China if these activities are successful and there is demand. But for this, they need to confirm good figures coming in December this year.

The hotel company has six hotel projects in Cuba, two of which are already open, the Grand Aston La Habana and the Grand Aston Cayo Las Brujas Beach Resort & Spa. The rest are under construction or renovation and are open or will open in 2023.