Havana to Host Meeting of Friends of Partagas

Havana to Host Meeting of Friends of Partagas
Havana, Nov 10th (PL) The 31st edition of the Friends of Partagás meeting, one of the great smoke festivals that takes place in Cuba every year, will gather cigar aficionados from November 12 to 16, the organizers announced.

Organized by La Casa del Habano de Partagas, it is one of the most frequent events of its kind, together with the International Habano Festival held every February in Cuba.

There will be five days with very special proposals where participants will enjoy unparalleled experiences in the land of the best tobacco in the world, according to the information disclosed on Facebook by the organizers of the event.

A Partagas cigar is immediately recognizable by its rich and intense flavor.

The Cuban tobacco industry maintains a more efficient rhythm every year in the face of international premium cigars or handmade markets, experts say.

Cuban cigars count in their favor with the climate, soil and experience of the producers, basic elements when it comes to expressing that they are the best in the world.