Germany software company sign agreement with Cuba

 Germany software company sign agreement with CubaHAVANA, Oct 19 (PL) Companies from Cuba and Germany dedicated to software development have signed a memorandum of understanding for professional exchange, as part of Cibersociedad 2017, a meeting that takes place until tomorrow, it was reported here today.

Signed by DESOFT, the national software application company, and the International Software Quality Institute, iSQI of Germany, the agreement will be aimed at ensuring the international certification of Cuban specialists in different processes of the development life cycle of that discipline, which will enable the European entity to expand its market to the region.

The Cuban Information Technology Union (UIC) and the Information Technology Company, belonging to the BiocubaFarma group, also signed an agreement during Cibersociedad 2017 , taking place at Melia Marina Hotel in Varadero, in the western province of Matanzas, Granma newspaper stated.

The forum is focused on the collaboration between both entities for courses, events and the training of personnel dedicated to technologies, the publication explains.

Cibersociedad 2017 began on Tuesday, October 17, with more than 400 national delegates and about 40 foreigners, including academicians and businessmen from Cuba, Germany, the United States and China, among the most represented ones.

According to the organizers, the main objective of UIC is to know closely the progress of this sector in Cuba.