Delivery food in Cuba from any country with DimeCuba Restaurants

Delivery food in Cuba from any country with DimeCuba Restaurants

HAVANA, April 21st In previous texts we have told you about DimeCuba, a website that offers multiple services related to Cuba: Cubacel recharges from Etecsa, phone calls, search for cheap flights, and shipments of almost everything to the island.

But DimeCuba’s services are becoming more and more varied.

Today we want to show you the benefits of the platform in terms of restaurants and food delivery on the island. If you have ever wondered if it is possible to send food delivery to Cuba, in a simple and efficient way, DimeCuba has the solution you are looking for.

DimeCuba and delivery restaurants in Cuba

The DimeCuba team has worked methodically to build a large and updated database of restaurants that offer delivery services in Cuba.

Delivery or home delivery is a worldwide trend that has strengthened due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. It is to be expected that this is a way of commercializing products that will be maintained and grow even when COVID-19 remains in the memory.

In the Restaurants section of DimeCuba, there is a simple and accessible search box in which you only have to enter the province where you want the delivery to be made.

After selecting the destination province, click on “Search for food”. Then, a list will appear with the restaurants from DimeCuba’s catalog that make home deliveries in that specific territory.

To facilitate the selection by customers, DimeCuba publishes the name of the restaurant, the address, and also an indicative rating scale, with a maximum of five stars.

After selecting the province, we can click on any of the results. In this way, it is possible to consult the menu, the offers of a particular restaurant, and its prices.

From the Restaurants section of DimeCuba, it is possible to filter the search not only by provinces but also by the type of food we want. Users can choose from pastries, Japanese, Italian, international, ice cream, seafood, fast food, Cuban, or grilled food.

The website also shows a list of the Cuban restaurants best rated by customers in each of the country’s provinces.

Advantages of DimeCuba Restaurants

Buying at DimeCuba Restaurants has several advantages that you should know about and that will help you clear up some doubts you may have about the service.

In the first place, the wide and updated database of restaurants, which covers practically the entire national geography, stands out.

DimeCuba’s website offers personalized attention to customers who have questions or concerns about the service. In addition, they have an interesting refund policy if something goes wrong or doesn’t go quite right.

One of the greatest virtues of the service offered by DimeCuba is its speed. The platform assures that deliveries are made within two hours.

How to pay for DimeCuba’s restaurant service?

You can buy and send food to family and friends in Cuba. How to pay is not a problem, DimeCuba makes it easy. You can do it with cards, through PayPal, or with a DimeCuba balance.