Are you sending Etecsa Cubacel recharges to Cuba? DimeCuba guarantees it

Every month millions of Cubans, both inside and outside Cuba, look for information and how to send Etecsa Cubacel top ups.

HAVANA, March 29th Every month millions of Cubans, both inside and outside Cuba, look for information and how to send Etecsa Cubacel top ups.Cubans living abroad wonder how and through which company to send a Cubacel recharge to Cuba. Those inside Cuba want the recharge to arrive quickly, in time to take advantage of the benefits offered by Etecsa’s bonuses. Keeping in touch within the country and with relatives or friends abroad is a priority.

Currently there are several companies that allow recharging to Cuba either through their website or apps, which one to choose? In this article we recommend DimeCuba, one of the most reliable and economical.

Send Etecsa top ups to Cuba with DimeCuba

With DimeCuba the process of sending recharges to your family or friends on the island is very simple. And what’s more, its services are accessible from anywhere in the world.

Before sending a recharge you must register on the platform or have installed the application, available for Android and iOS devices.

During the registration process the platform will ask you for your phone number, full name and email address. In addition, you will be asked if you have any promotional coupon and whether or not you agree to receive promotional content. You will then receive, via a call, a validation code to activate your account, and that’s it! It is a very fast and secure process.

Cubacel Recharge or Nauta Recharge?

Once you have created and started your user session, you can access the link “recargas” and choose the options that appear. Yes, DimeCuba allows you to send Cubacel recharges from Etecsa to Cuba and also recharges for permanent Nauta accounts.

Remember that a Cubacel top up is, in essence, a cell phone top up. It is very useful for the recipient in Cuba to make national and international calls, send SMS and e-mails and also have access to additional services.

In addition, Cubacel top-ups allow recharged users to buy mobile data packages to connect to the Internet.

The recharge of permanent Nauta accounts allows the recipient of the recharge to have credit that will be automatically converted into international browsing time.

With a recharged Nauta account, Cuban users can access the Internet through Etecsa browsing rooms, Joven Club, post offices, hotels, airports and other places. It also allows access to the network from wifi zones and through Nauta Hogar (from home).

Other ways to recharge

DimeCuba offers other options, beyond the usual recharges through the web or the application.

Those interested in recharging phones in Cuba can visit DimeCuba offices and stores or contact a call center at +1 786 665 7600.

Wholesale recharges to Cuba

DimeCuba also offers wholesale recharges to Cuba. They have customer service 24 hours a day, every day of the week. The customer will be able to schedule recharges and have access to real time sales reports.

This happens while operating on a secure and encrypted platform, browsing a website or using an intuitive and simple interface application, with recharge prices that stand out among the lowest in the market today.

Benefits of sending recharges with DimeCuba

DimeCuba’s team works to offer a quality service and the lowest possible rates. In addition, its recharge service includes discounts, bonuses and gifts that are very attractive for new customers.

Recharges managed through DimeCuba arrive in a matter of minutes. That is, almost instantly. Users who receive the Cubacel recharge are notified by SMS message.

Customer recommendations

DimeCuba’s services are highly rated on Trustpilot, an online community created in 2007 and based on real customer reviews and comments about their purchase or service experiences.

In their comments, DimeCuba users especially highlight the customer service, both by chat and by phone.

In summary: DimeCuba is an excellent and reliable option to recharge Etecsa to Cuba. On their website they offer a wide portfolio of services that goes beyond recharges

You can also follow the platform through their social networks (Facebook, IG and Twitter), where they are very active and interact with their community of customers and followers attracted by the economic offers.