Cuba to host mountain bike cycling event

havana-live-mountain bikeHAVANA,  August  4  One of the most famous and challenging mountain bike marathons Titan Desert, taking place in Morocco since 2006 has become a sports and tourist landmark.
The renowned mountain bike marathon recently announced it would launch an epic race in Cuba. Organizers pointed out that the first edition of the event will consist of six stages, the race will depart from Havana, Cuba’s capital, where participants will get acquainted with the historic part of the city and the cobblestone streets.

cuba mountainbikemapLater, participants will travel to western Cuba, where they will compete in Las Terrazas, Soroa and Viñales. The competition will conclude on Cayo Jutías. This small key, with an area of only 4km2, is filled with breath-taking vegetation, vigorous wildlife and sparkling white-sand beaches.

On this occasion, inscriptions were limited to 150 competitors, taking into account that it is the beginning of the event and the logistics necessary has to be defined.

In addition, the stages will be shorter compare to those designed for the traditional Titan Desert event, and conditions are different, due to Cuba’s humid climate.