Aeroflot resumes flight Moscow Havana the 15. September

Aeroflot announces the resumption of Russia-Cuba flights

HAVANA, sep. 8th (ACN) Cuba and Russia hold negotiations on the possible resumption of the regular flights of the Russian airline Aeroflot that connects Moscow with Havana, starting on September 15, according to the Embassy of Cuba in the Eurasian country.

The news comes when Cuba has announced the reopening of international tourism in the archipelago’s keys and the Russian market is one of the largest due to its volume of visitors to the island, published Juventud Rebelde.

He adds that the Cuban Embassy in Moscow has said that Aeroflot and the Russian aviation authorities and the Caribbean nation have negotiated the opening of regular flights to Havana from September 15 and technically everything is ready.

Aeroflot has scheduled the resumption of regular flights to three Eurasian and African countries from next August 1, and in this sense the diplomatic mission of the largest of the Antilles in the Russian capital indicated that the charter airlines that fly to Cuba have negotiated the opening of their flights.

Since last March 27, in the preamble to the pandemic, Russia suspended air links with other countries and maintained only repatriation, health and cargo flights, among others, including some made to Cuba for these purposes.

On July 10, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Gólikova announced that Russia would begin on July 15 to lift restrictions on international flights.

On July 24, the Russian government announced the decision to reopen some of the air connections from August 1, in particular with the United Kingdom, Turkey and Tanzania.

Cuba has its international airports ready and operational both to exclusively receive tourism, as well as for common activities and has prepared for this a strict health protocol that includes carrying out PCR tests to detect COVID-19.