Foto: Rey Photography

HAVANA,Sept. 17th  For a limited time, during the months of November and December 2016, American Airlines is offering $200 roundtrip tickets to Havana. You can fly out of Miami ($200), Baltimore ($271), Chicago ($311) or Dallas ($318) and arrive in Havana in just a matter of hours.

Not sure what Havana has to offer during our chilliest months? Just because it’s our winter doesn’t mean the sizzling town of Havana is any less exciting. During November, dance lovers can enjoy the International Ballet Festival of Havana, a prestigious event that started in 1960.

For global movie enthusiasts, the Havana Film Festival will be taking place Dec. 8-18 showcasing top films from Latin America, all day every day. Festival Jazz Plaza, an international jazz extravaganza, will also be in December and last for nine days.

If dance, film, or music is your forte, Havana might be your perfect winter vacation. Even if these events don’t end up on your itinerary, take a few days to learn the island culture and soak up some much-needed sunshine. Just think of a $200 roundtrip ticket as an early Christmas present for yourself.