HAVANA, Aug. 16th  (Reuters)  Cuba’s public health minister said on Sunday efforts were underway to restart the country’s main oxygen factory Read more

HAVANA, Aug 3  Cuba on Sunday set a new daily record of 9,747 cases and 87 deaths from Covid-19, bringing the total number of infections to 394,343 and the death toll to 2,845. Read more

HAVANA, July 11th  At a time of the worst moment of the entire pandemic, with more than 6,000 daily infections in recent days, Cuba remains open to receive international donations to face COVID-19. Read more

HAVANA, July 11th (By Michael Wiggin HT) Last week, it was announced (Marc Frank, Reuters) that Cuba had now completed testing on a second COVID-19 vaccine called Soberana 02 in addition to the Abdala vaccine. Read more

HAVANA, May 18th So far 442,395 people have received the first dose of the Cuban Abdala vaccine candidate as part of a health intervention Read more

HAVANA, May 10 (PL) Cuban authorities, scientists and health personnel are arranging on Monday the final details for the health intervention Read more

HAVANA, April 6th  (AP) Sixty years on from President John F Kennedy’s decision to impose sanctions on Cuba, the blockade – or el bloqueo as it’s known on the island – still stands. Read more

HAVANA, March 31st The Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) reported 1,008 infections from the SARS-CoV-2 virus this Monday when four deaths were also reported on the island. Read more

HAVANA, March 19th (Reuters) Cuba’s drug regulatory authority on Thursday approved a second COVID-19 vaccine candidate for late-stage clinical trials Read more

HAVANA, March 2nd. The worldwide Covid vaccine rollout has gone anything but smoothly, with only a handful of countries able to immunize even 10% of their populations yet with a first dose. Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 22nd  The SARS-CoV-2 virus contagions in Cuba once again exceeded a thousand yesterday, with 1,039 cases, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 1st. (HT) Starting today, Canada closes travel to Cuba through at least the end of April. The island’s largest tourist market takes stiff action to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 25th This week, while much of the world was paying attention to the inauguration of Joe Biden and his first actions as president of the United States, Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 22th (Reuters) – Brazil’s former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva disclosed on Thursday that he tested positive for the coronavirus weeks ago on a trip to Cuba Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 8th (Reuters)  Cuba is slowly opening Havana and other cities to tourism after doing the same with beach resorts in November, Read more

HAVANA, Dec. 28th  (DT) Cuba decided to limit the entry of travellers from the United States, Mexico, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 25th. Authorities in Sicily have asked Cuba’s government to send about 60 healthcare workers, including doctors and nurses, Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 21th (AFP) Cuba is reopening its doors to foreign tourists after an eight-month shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, Read more

HAVANA, Oct 8 (Reuters)   Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero said late on Thursday that most of the Caribbean island nation would open to international tourism starting next week Read more

HAVANA, Oct 1 (Sputnik) Governor of the Cuban capital of Havana Reinaldo Garcia Zapata announced on Thursday the withdrawal of the coronavirus-linked curfew and transport restrictions. Read more

HAVANA, sept. 30th  (Reuters) From a restaurant mixing take-away cocktails to a cosmetics company delivering home-made products by bicycle, Cuba’s entrepreneurs: Read more

HAVANA , Sept 28th  I’ve just received a combo package of personal hygiene items. For those of you who don’t know what this is, combos have become a trendy term in Cuba. Read more

HAVANA, Sep 21  Cuba today uses ozone therapy as a complementary action in the fight against Covid-19, a modality approved within the Natural and Traditional Medicine of the Ministry of Public Health. Read more

HAVANA, Sept. 12th Governor of the Cuban capital of Havana Reinaldo Garcia Zapata has prolonged the coronavirus-linked curfew until September 30 over the remaining difficult epidemiological situation. Read more

HAVANA, Sept. 2 The people of Havana know what is at stake. The new month has started under the sign of the restrictions that Havana picks up on the first night of restrictions. Read more

HAVANA, Aug. 28th The Cuban capital of Havana would introduce a curfew from September 1 to September 15 over the deteriorating COVID-19 epidemiological situation, Read more

HAVANA, Aug. 19th Cuba received 23 tons of health supplies on Tuesday from China to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

HAVANA, Aug. 13th The government of Havana, the epicentre of the current rebound in COVID-19 in Cuba, established greater restrictions than those existing Read more

HAVANA, Aug.8   Cuba placed Havana back on a strict lockdown on Saturday following a rebound in coronavirus cases, ordering restaurants, Read more

HAVANA, Aug. 8th After several weeks in which the coronavirus epidemic seemed under control, Read more