Seventh Edition of Dancing Festival in Havana

Seventh Edition of Dancing Festival in Havana
HAVANA, Mar 1 (PL) Cuban and Swedish dance companies Danza Teatro Retazos and Memory Wax are immerse today in the preparations for the seventh edition of the Transitos Habana Festival, which will take place in this capital city from March 18 to 23.

According to organizers, the event will be recognized with the assistance of Cuban and Scandinavian companies, which will share from the scene, and workshops and exchange panels will be open to the public.

The presentations will take place in the primary schools of the historic center of the capital, the Center for Adolescent Spaces and the headquarters of Retazos Las Carolinas, a site located in Amargura Street, between Mercaderes and San Ignacio, in Old Havana.

Transitos Habana is a festival dedicated to children and young people with the aim of increasing artistic awareness in these ages and achieve the sociocultural transformation of their environment.

The event is conceived as a space for integration, coexistence and communication between the community, an essential part of the presentations and involved in the creative process according to their environment.

These days also promote cultural exchange between artists from Cuba and other countries, united in the task of enriching the creative universe of contemporary dance worldwide.