Privat Companys and state institution organize fair in Havana

Privat Companys and state institution organize fair in Havana

HAVANA, April 19 The private enterprise Zona K’liente, one of the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Cuba, joined forces with the Association
(cultural) Hermanos Saíz (AHS) to hold the Zona K Spring Opportunities Fair in this capital.

The non-state company was in charge of the commercial aspect of the event, the first of its kind co-organized by an MSME and a government organization, while the AHS was in charge of the cultural recreational program.

Based in the centrally located Cuba Pavilion, the Fair will conclude on Sunday the 21st after 10 days of commercial struggle in which another 39 private entrepreneurs and multiple artistic activities with an emphasis on children and youth participate.

Yasser Marichal, in charge of communication and advertising at Zona K’liente, told Prensa Latina that the initiative was conceived with the family in mind, which is why it coincides with the week of school recess on the island and the prices of household items are reasonable. and children, as toys.

In a tour of the facility located in the busy area known as La Rampa, in the Havana neighborhood of Vedado, Prensa Latina noticed a large attendance of families with their children among the general public who were searching for some desired or necessary items, or the enjoyment of artistic activities.

The recreational-cultural program includes raffles, competitions, concerts for children, performances by choirs and dance groups, including the famous La Colmenita theater group.

Marichal explained that the Spring Opportunities Fair sought to bring together new actors in the Cuban economy with the primary purpose of promoting and marketing utilitarian and artistic products for the Cuban family, essentially household supplies, fashion accessories and decoration.

As well as promoting – he added – the development of design on the island, also providing a space to exhibit Cuban artistic work, through activities of enjoyment and healthy recreation, emphasizing the enjoyment of children and youth.

 Privat Companys and state institution organize fair in Havana

The aim was not only to exhibit and sell high-demand products with an excellent quality-price ratio but also to create an inclusive environment to guarantee maximum satisfaction for the attending public.

Marichal told Prensa Latina that to celebrate the Zona K’liente event he made a risky investment, although he acknowledged that after the first few days, the company was able to recover what was invested.

He assured that it has been so fruitful and positive due to the reception of the attendees that they will organize other fairs, and will not necessarily wait a year to hold the Spring Oportunidades Fair. “We could do another one by the end of the year,” said the enthusiastic young executive.

Zona K’liente s.r.l. It emerged as a reconversion project of the Artesanías Frómeta Group, formerly Independent Creators, and later transformed into a private capital commercial company. For its part, the AHS is a cultural organization that brings together the most relevant writers, artists, intellectuals and promoters up to 35 years old.