Officials punished for Chavez and Che perfume

 havana-live-pefumeHavana, September 27   Cuba will punish officials with the Biological Laboratories Entrepreneurial Group Labiofam after they launched two perfumes in presumed homage to Cuban-Argentinean guerrilla fighter Ernesto Che Guevara and Bolivarian leader Hugo Chavez.

“This serious mistake will lead to correspondent disciplinary measures, reads a statement by the Executive Committee of the Cuban Council of Ministers published by Granma newspaper.
Labiofam workers announced to the international media during a recent congress of the entity in Havana that two perfumes, still in the works, would bear the names of Ernesto and Hugo.
The details of this irresponsible action were deeply analyzed in the evening of Friday, September 26 in the presence of the Enterprises’ director and the officials who presented the product, even when it was not being commercialized or registered, the statement reads.

It was made clear that it was not true that the relatives of Che and Chavez would have approved such use of those names, as one of the officials told AP news agency. After asserting that such symbols are sacred today and always, the statement stressed that such actions will never be accepted by the people or the revolutionary government.(acn).