New Health Protocols for Travellers arriving in Cuba

New Health Protocols for Travellers arriving in Cuba

HAVANA, June 7th  This weekend, Cuba put into force new health protocols for travelers as part of the measures adopted to face the impact of Covid-19.

According to the Ministry of Tourism website, the requirements are valid for organized tourism – booked through an operator or travel agency – and for individual tourism, whether they are foreigners, Cuban residents, or non-residents.

The excursionist must have an insurance policy that covers this ailment, and it is mandatory to wear a mask in the country and the common areas of the hotel facilities.

According to the document, for arriving passengers, it is mandatory to have a negative PCR test result for the diagnosis of Covid-19, performed 72 hours before the trip, certified by laboratories in the country of origin.

For those who opt for individual tourism and resident or non-resident Cubans, it is mandatory to undergo a ‘quarantine’ period of six nights and seven days; except for those arriving at Havana and Santiago de Cuba airports, who will remain isolated for a period of five nights and six days.

A PCR test will be performed at the airport and another one on the sixth day at the isolation hotel, where they must stay in their room; or on the fifth day in the case of those arriving through Havana or Santiago de Cuba.

Cuban residents arriving through Varadero and Cayo Coco airports will be isolated in the province of arrival; they will have to pay for the transportation and room at the hotel in hard currency.

Those arriving through Havana and Santiago de Cuba will have a free stay in the centers set aside for quarantine.

Expenses for transportation services, from the airport to the isolation center and then back to their area of residence, shall be borne by them, according to current rates, including overweight luggage.