MCV Comercial will collaborate with purchase of ambulances for Cuba

MCV Comercial will collaborate with purchase of ambulances for Cuba

HAVANA, April 5  The mixed company MCV Commercial S.A. and the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba agreed to experimentally organize the operation of 15 ambulances

to guarantee better sustainability today, while the counterpart takes care of the medical staff.

The agreement was signed at the recently concluded II International Transport and Logistics Fair (FITL 2024) – from April 3 to 5 – held at Pabexpo and is part of the development projects and strategic alliances linked to MCV Commercial’s transport systems.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the head of Transport Operations of this joint venture, Alberto Ramos, explained that during the FITL three letters of intent were signed, the most important being the creation of a new type of ambulance leasing, initially in La Havana.

The intention is to create a scheme in which MCV Comercial would be in charge of all after-sales, repair, and maintenance services, as well as the management of the fleet with the entity’s own drivers, while Public Health would be in charge of all the medical coverage of these teams.

It is a new type of pilot project in Cuba since traditionally in the country ambulances have been linked to the Ministry of Public Health, he commented.

Precisely, the joint management of ambulances is the novel characteristic of the development project to be carried out in a strategic alliance, and based on the results of the initial tests and extended in Havana, initially, and later to other territories of the country, he noted.

The other two agreements, he continued, are related to the tourism scheme, one of them is linked to the Vía Azul National Bus companies with the intention of facilitating a group of vehicles linked to the transportation of passengers in the tourist segment and that links the main recreational centers of the country.

The third agreement is with the company Taxi Cuba, he added, where the aim is also to create strategic alliances that will improve the coverage of the taxi system in the country and influence the saving of resources for both the maintenance, repair and sustainability of these. media.

Ramos highlighted that in the three projects, MCV Commercial will be in charge of the equipment of means of transport, and also, the repair service, and spare parts to guarantee the sustainability of the vehicle fleet to be used.

FITL 2024, which concluded this Friday, has among its objectives to encourage the development of economic actors, promote foreign direct investment, promote international cooperation, attract financing for infrastructure, as well as expand materials supply networks and modernize the industry. national.