Juan Guaidó: “We have decreed no more oil shipments to Cuba”

Venezuela doubles its oil exports, but reduces its deliveries to Cuba

HAVANA, March 12th The interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, has decreed the cessation of oil shipments made by the Government of Nicolás Maduro to Cuba, for which he has requested the help of the international community that supports and recognizes him.

“We have decreed no more oil shipments to Cuba, they are not going to continue chuleando the money of the people of Venezuela (…), not only we decree, but we request international cooperation to make this measure effective,” said Guaidó in the middle of an emergency legislative session, product of the blackout that has left millions of Venezuelans without water and electricity since last Thursday.

The head of the Parliament of Venezuela published on Monday a document, which he shared through his Twitter account, requesting the National Assembly to suspend the supply of oil, fuel and its derivatives to Cuba, to achieve “full compliance with the savings of fuel that is required to allow the proper functioning of the electrical system equipment “.

In the fourth paragraph of the document states that “all obligations contracted in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights are ratified, and in no way does it imply the suspension of any of the constitutional guarantees provided for in the Constitution of the Republic of Venezuela.”

He also asked Parliament to decree the “State of alarm” throughout the country, due to the national blackout on Thursday March 7, which has occurred because of Maduro’s abandonment of the country’s electricity industry and for having stolen the “electricity generation money”.

Precisely, the unprecedented delay in achieving the restoration of electrical service has been the product of lack of equipment and technicians, and specialists have ensured that it is a failure in the hydroelectric power station, caused by a fault in the system of transmission.

On the other hand, Maduro assures that the blackout has been a “new cyber attack” perpetrated on his government, and he called it “criminal sabotage” orchestrated by the United States.

In the document published by the opposition leader, it is established that the decree will be extended for a period of 30 days, and that it may be extended for another 30 days. In it, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces are ordered to “arrange the necessary mobilizations to that gives the due protection to both the facilities and the employees of CORPOELECT “.

It also prohibits all security forces from hindering the “legitimate protests of the Venezuelan people through which they express not only their rejection of the deplorable state of the country’s electrical system but, above all, their immense indignation towards those who are inept. and corruption. “

Guaidó said he currently has “conversations” with a German company trained “to provide immediate power plants and other goods needed to stabilize the system.”
First published in Cuba Headlines