Iberostar takes over the “Tower K”, the next 5-star Hotel in Havana

Española Iberostar se hace con la “Torre K”, el próximo Hotel 5 estrellas en La Habana

HAVANA, Oct. 21 The Spanish hotel chain Iberostar, with a large presence in Cuba, obtained the approval of the Cuban government and will manage the new 5-star hotel in the heart of the capital’s reserve in Havana, the facility baptized as “Tower K” by Havana residents.

According to the state-run Cubadebate, the Spanish hotel chain Iberostar Hotels & Resorts will be in charge of managing the new 5-star hotel, which upon completion will be the tallest building in Cuba, located on 23rd Street in the capital.

This was revealed this October 20, by the Cuban tourism group Gaviota, which organizes the Destinos Gaviota event from October 18 to 24 at the Jardines del Rey resort in Avila.

Iberostar will thus expand its presence in the Cuban capital, where it already has three establishments, and in the Caribbean country, where it will reach 19 hotels spread across Varadero, Cayo Ensenachos, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Cruz, Holguín and Trinidad.

The new K Tower hotel will have about 42 floors and 154 meters high, surpassing the Tryp Habana Libre, which is located directly opposite.

More investment in hotels for tourism in Cuba

The Cuban Minister of Tourism, Juan Carlos García Granda, also announced within the framework of the “Destinos Gaviota” event the opening of two new tourist destinations in Jardines del Rey: Cayo Paredón and Cayo Cruz.

The latter is already sold in destinations in the Latin American area as the “new paradise” of “sun and beach” tourism on the island.

Despite the drop in tourism to levels seen 20 years ago, hotel construction does not stop in Cuba. The new focus of attention is precisely Cayo Cruz, an islet north of Camagüey that is part of the Jardines del Rey archipelago.

It is an almost virgin place that promises to become the “premium destination” of the island, according to the international press. Cayo Cruz thus joins other consolidated tourist centers such as Cayo Coco or Cayo Santa María, which have their own airports and offer a wide range of hotels.