Gisselle Opens Ballet Festival in Cuba

Gisselle Opens Ballet Festival in Cuba
Havana, Oct 31th (PL) The National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) on Wednesday will open a season of the classic choreography ”Giselle”, in the framework of the 26th Alicia Alonso International Ballet Festival of Havana, during which tribute will be paid to that legendary artist.

The performances will have leading Cuban and foreign figures in the main roles and it is intended to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Alonso’s stage debut.

Giselle tells a story of love, deception, madness and life beyond death.

Along with ‘Swan Lake’, ‘Gisselle’ is the most demanded ballet by audience and dancers themselves, who consider it a dream and a challenge.

Alonso was the first Latin American ballerina to embody the character and, according to world critics, her performance is still one of the best ever.

With some legend and touches of mystery, ‘Giselle’ has a charm on audience and artists that even the passing of time manages to daunt, because an impressive technique is not enough to embody a role whose main challenges refer to acting and style.

The Italian ballerina Carlota Grisi, the first performer of ‘Giselle’ in 1841, captivated the audience of the 19th century in Paris and outlined some nuances that her followers were forced to develop later, each one according to the particular personality and without neglecting the Romanticism requirements.

According to experts, the Cuban version by Alonso is stands out for the excellent staging of drama, character, strength and communication among all characters.

The 26th Alicia Alonso International Ballet Festival in Havana is taking place in this capital from October 28 to November 6, with participation of artists from many countries.