Food production in Cuba will be financed with more than 62 thousand euros by Japan

Food production in Cuba will be financed with more than 62 thousand euros by Japan

HAVANA, March 26. Food production in Cuba will be boosted by the signing of several projects between the island’s authorities and the government of Japan.This Japanese cooperation is focused on developing the sector in several provinces of the country with the objective of “strengthening food production, technical capabilities and nutritional information,” according to the state agency Prensa Latina.

The media added that today, Tuesday, the contract for an initiative that aims to contribute “to the recovery and resilience of the local food systems of the municipalities affected by Hurricane Ian” will be signed in Pinar del Río.

Specifically, this project will have financing of 62,500 euros to lay the foundations for greater food production.

In addition, it includes a stable supply in the areas affected by the meteorological event in 2022, through the installation of processing equipment, freezers and transport vehicles in two organoponics in that western province.

During the signing of another contract between the Japanese embassy in Havana and the Portuguese non-governmental organization Oikos, the Japanese ambassador, Hirata Kenji, reported that this cooperation project would benefit the residents of the Isla de la Juventud special municipality.

It will have financing of 27,499 euros and its objective is to repair the building for the mini-industry and install food processing equipment in Credit and Service Cooperatives of the special municipality.

This is expected to “increase the production and stable supply of food and thus improve the quality of life of the local population.”

Hirata Kenji added: “I am very sorry that Cuba is spending a lot of foreign currency on food and beverage imports and I believe that for the country to move forward, increasing agricultural production is key and so, even though it is on a very small scale, I “I am very happy that we can contribute to this important policy that benefits Cubans.”

For her part, the member of the Board of Directors of Oikos, Sandra Lopes, explained to the aforementioned media that her organization has developed projects in all the provinces of Cuba during the last three decades.

These have been focused on supporting the development of the agricultural sector, food production, and renewable energy, in addition to providing aid in disaster situations.