Festival of culinary influences in Havana

havana-livemouth with fruitHavana, Nov 24 (PL) In order to review the matches of the Cuban cuisine with foreign influences, Gourmet festival named Sabores de Cuba y el mundo (Flavors of Cuba and the world) is being organized in Old Havana for this weekend.

The director of the initiative, Alicia Garcia, reported Monday that from November 26 to 28 there will be an inquiry of the Cuban cuisine from the audiovisual, visual arts, literature and tourism, located appointment in the House of Mexico in Havana.

The fourth edition of the festival, which will take place at the House of Mexico, is a meeting to see how the people feed from the angle of culture, especially film and literature.

The IV Festival Gourmet Flavors of Cuba and the world will go deep in the culinary arts and traditions in this island, spokesmen insisted.

The organizer of the meeting said that the festival is a cultural project that aims to deepen in the cuisine as an art.

She noted that the event, a mixture of several trends, is an added value to tourism in the archipelago and a special attraction for travelers from around the world.

The meeting includes debates and tastings.

This event is organized by the House of Mexico and the Office of the Historian of Havana (Eusebio Leal Spengler), with support from various food and drinks and tourist firms, and the presence of diplomatic missions of Latin American countries.