“Ernest Hemingway” fishing tournament postponed due to Covid 19

“Ernest Hemingway” fishing tournament postponed due to Covid 19

HAVANA, April 29th (EFE)  Cuba decided on Thursday to postpone the seventieth edition of the Marilyn International Fishing Championship,

“Ernest Hemingway,” until 2022 due to the complex health situation caused by the third wave of Covid-19 infections on the island. .

The event was scheduled to take place on May 31 and June 5, but the pandemic forced it to postpone it, as explained on his Facebook account by the International Nautical Club, based in Hemingway Marina in Havana, the main promoter of the event. fishing.

The annual event is one of the oldest of its kind in the world and the most important to be held in Cuba.

This tournament, due to the characteristics of its activity, requires that you be personal, which did not allow their organizations to choose the approved default method for other events and festivals held in the Caribbean country from the global coronavirus pandemic.

Its previous edition, held in 2019, was dedicated to celebrating Havana’s 500th anniversary and featured fishing enthusiasts from the United States, Canada, France, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Chile and Japan.

The famous American writer Ernest Hemingway, who was a huge fan of the sport of hunting, founded the tournament in 1950 and has since been held almost without interruption in the Cuban capital, a city where he spent long periods of time for 22 years.

The author of the novel “The Old Man and the Sea”, inspired by a fisherman from the Cuban town of Gujimar, which Hemingway visited with the captain of his ship, the Pilar, created this international tournament in 1950, which he won three times.

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The only new introduction to the rules established by Hemingway for the tournament is the so-called “tag and release” (mark and release the fish), which has been established since 1997 as an ethical principle of fishing, and which governs the most important tournaments of its kind in the world with the aim of not harming the fish patterns that are being Catch it, according to organizers.

The meeting rewards the best-caught species of beaked species, among them, Castero (blue Marilyn), Sailfish, Pacific Marlin, wahoo, dorado and tuna. EFE