Cubamax-Aerovaradero, good start for new shipments from the US to Cuba

Cubamax-Aerovaradero, good start for new shipments from the US to Cuba

HAVANA, April 22  The Cubamax Group confirmed today the good reception that the start of shipments of frozen meat from the United States to Cuba had, the result of a contract signed with the Cuban company Aerovaradero. Several months ago we were negotiating this agreement that gives the possibility for people living here in the United States to send this food to Cuba by air with a maximum delivery of three to four days, Carlos Trujillo, president and one of the founders of the group, said in an interview with Prensa Latina in this capital.

The completion of the project, he commented, responds “to something that the Cuban community in Miami, in general in the United States, has been asking for.”

Trujillo explained that the shipping process is not complex and that his group has created the conditions to pack and transport the product on cargo planes to Havana.

For now, this new service will only be provided in the Cuban capital. “We are starting to see how it develops and what acceptance it has, but the tests tell us that everything is going satisfactorily,” Trujillo stressed.

The first flight with this type of product left on April 17 and the next day it was already delivered, he noted.

We are aware of the speed and condition in which the meat arrived: frozen, as we had planned, he noted.

Of course, he indicated, our goal is to gradually expand the service to other provinces.

Trujillo added that Cubamax has several projects underway. “We have been transporting different types of packages for several months with a delivery of seven days in the city of Havana and up to two weeks in the rest of the Cuban provinces.”

 Cubamax-Aerovaradero, good start for new shipments from the US to Cuba

We also do this in coordination with Aerovaradero. The bulk of the operations are in Havana (three), Santa Clara (one), and in Holguín (one) per week, he emphasized.

The contract for the provision of freight services between the Cuban firm Aerovaradero and the American group Cubamax was signed in the context of the recent International Transportation and Logistics Fair (FITL 2024) on the island.

Aerovaradero has had a contract with Cubamax since July 2023 and, due to the levels of cargo it sends monthly, it has become one of the strategic partners of the Cuban entity.

To a question from the reporter, he confessed that “Cuba is everyone’s homeland, it is the place that always remains in our memories, where our families are, the people we love, the places we remember, I believe that we can never forget that.”

That is why for Trujillo an improvement in relations between the two countries would be so important “it is what we all aspire for the benefit of both sides.”

The Cubamax group was born in 2001, founded by Trujillo and Giraldo Acosta. “Uninterruptedly these 24 years we have been working in South Florida for the well-being of the Cuban family,” she pointed out.

Our purpose is to bring happiness, to bring help to the entire Cuban family, and to be a guarantee and trust for those who choose us, she concluded.

Hence the slogan ‘Quiet Cubamax takes care of’.