Creation of aviation hub in Havana is possible

 havana-live-jose-marti-aerportHAVANA, 22 Feb. (Sputnik) The creation of a transcontinental aviation hub in Havana is an interesting prospect, but will only be possible after the economic embargo on the country is lifted, the CEO of Mexican carrier Interjet said Tuesday.

“It’s only a dream now, first of all, the problem with lifting the economic embargo in Cuba must be solved,” Jose Luis Garza told RIA Novosti. The Interjet CEO believes Cuba has excellent opportunities to create a hub in the future, but first needs to work out a lot of issues. “But the creation of a transcontinental hub there [in Cuba] is a very interesting idea,” Garza added.
The United States had an embargo in place against Cuba since 1961, which was initially put in place due to Cold War antagonism between Washington and the Communist government in Havana.

In late 2014, US President Barack Obama announced Washington’s decision to restore diplomatic relations with Havana and ease the five-decade-long US trade and travel restrictions on the island.

Under the new policy, the United States plans to ease travel restrictions for US citizens traveling to the country, and ease certain sanctions. Nevertheless, the decision of abolishing the US trade embargo against Cuba has still not been taken.