505 years of a Havana that lives in everyone

505 years of a Havana that lives in everyone

HAVANA, April 10 “Havana lives in me” is the slogan that will accompany all the celebrations and communication actions for the 505th anniversary of the founding of the Villa de San Cristóbal of Havana, in November of this year.Tatiana Viera Hernández, coordinator of Objectives and Programs of the Government of the capital, stated today at a press conference that the celebrations for the anniversary will be held in two stages during 2024: the first, between the months of April and July, and the second until November.

According to Viera Hernández, in both periods the residents of the city, accompanied by their highest authorities, by the Central State Administration Organizations, and numerous entities, will experience an anniversary as the city deserves.

Concerts of the most diverse musical genres will take place in spaces such as the parking lot of the Ciudad Deportiva, Monaco and in the parks and squares of several municipalities, she noted.

The coordinator of Objectives and Program of the Government of Havana commented that there will be tributes to the city from literature, popular and contemporary dances, crafts, cinema and exhibitions in museums throughout the capital.

She assured that social works dedicated to recreation, services and the improvement of the housing conditions of Havana residents will be inaugurated.

She highlighted, in a special way, the large casino wheel that the Piragua will take on May 5 to break the record of the largest in the world.

The celebrations for Havana’s 505th birthday will include regular events organized by the Office of the City Historian such as the Urban Landscape Dance Festival Habana Vieja Ciudad en Movimiento, Rutas y Andares and the Mozart Havana Festival, among others.

Tribute will be paid to the births of Emilio Roig and Eusebio Leal, historians of the city without whose restorative work it would have been impossible to have the heritage that the capital exhibits.

The gala for the town’s 505th anniversary will take place at the Capitol on the night of November 16.

With the maxim “Havana lives in me” in the coming months there will be a commitment to massive and inclusive participation in the construction of a better city, not only by its inhabitants but by all Cubans.