Transtur makes electric car rental possible in Cuba

Transtur posibilita la renta de autos eléctricos en Cuba

HAVANA, Feb. 22 The state-owned company Transtur recently announced the incorporation of electric cars for its car rental services in Cuba.According to information disseminated through social networks, it seems that the company is betting on the modernisation of its services, and adapting to new technologies. Therefore, they celebrated on their official Facebook account the integration of electric cars in their fleet of vehicles available for rent.

Likewise, in the aforementioned publication, Transtur stated that the rental of these electric cars in Cuba will be possible for “long periods”. In this way, they guarantee customers greater satisfaction when travelling around the country with these vehicles.

“In a bid for sustainability, we are incorporating our first 100% electric vehicles for car rental. And we’re going for more,” they said in a Facebook post.

Undoubtedly, this is an unprecedented event in the Greater Antilles, where until now only fuel-powered cars were offered. In addition, this represents a great benefit for many tourists considering the difficulties that currently exist for refuelling in Cuba.

In addition, to guarantee a better service with the electric car rental, Transtur assures that the customer “will be provided with a charging station wherever he/she chooses”. Consequently, customers will be able to enjoy the advantages of this type of transport through “linear renting for a long period of time”.

Following the announcement of this scoop, several internet users reacted with numerous comments on the social network. Some were notably interested in the state-owned company’s innovative transport proposal, while others were somewhat pessimistic about its effectiveness.

As a result, users such as Dayán Pacheco questioned the advantages offered by the electric car rental, claiming that Cuba is not ready for this advance.
About the electric cars that will be for rent in Cuba

Likewise, other users reacted by showing interest in what kind of electric cars will be available for rent in Cuba. Consequently, Transtur offered some details about the units that will soon be available to its customers.

First of all, they indicated that these cars are 100% electric, are Chinese-made and are in top condition. In addition, they reported that there are several models of cars with this technology, detailing the characteristics of the most prominent.

Among the electric cars you can rent in Cuba is the Chery Arrizo 5e, which guarantees a range of up to 320 kilometres. This, as a result of a full charge of the vehicle whose total time would be approximately 8 hours by means of a professional charger.

However, it seems that some users are still unhappy with the proposal as these are not the best electric car alternatives. Therefore, some compared these Chinese cars with Tesla cars that allow a range of 900 km after a full charge.

Apart from this car, Transtur also offers for rent a van but omits details about its operation.
Finally, the Cuban company indicated that at the moment it only has availability of these models but will soon offer a wider variety. For more information, interested parties can access more information through and on their social networks.

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